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Discovering the Blue Flag beaches in Calabria, between confirmations and new entries
CS - San Nicola Arcella Arco Magno (Foto Elisabetta Cirianni)

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For 2024, Calabria's Blue Flags will rise to 20.

As is well known, the Blue Flag is an award given annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to European coastal resorts that meet a number of quality parameters relating to bathing and services (cleanliness of beaches and tourist landings).

Calabria Blue Flags 2024

Calabria reaches 20 Blue Flags 2024 with the new entry of Parghelia (VV), with the enchanting resorts of Costa dei Monaci/Bordila, La Grazia/Vardano, Michelino and La Tonnara.

Below you can discover a complete itinerary to discover the Blue Flag beaches in Calabria, divided by province.

Itinerary among Calabria's Blue Flag beaches

Cosenza Blue Flags

Starting from Tortora and Praia a Mare, the Cosenza Tyrrhenian coast known as the "Riviera dei Cedri" Regional Marine Park offers breathtaking views, to be discovered by boat among caves and seabeds. The unmissable gems along this stretch of coastline? The only two islands in Calabria, Dino Island (Praia a Mare) and Cirella Island (Diamante). The latter location is rightfully among Calabria's Blue Flags.

Isola di Cirella
Regione Calabria

Not to be missed along the Riviera dei Cedri are the Blue Flag beaches in Calabria of San Nicola Arcella and Santa Maria del Cedro.

The first one, known as Spiaggetta dell'Arcomagno, is a miniature amphitheatre, set in a cave and characterised by freshwater currents; the second is located in one of the production centres of the renowned Cedar of Calabria PDO, to which a museum and festival are also dedicated.

Moving to the opposite coast, the stretch known as the Costa degli Achei, we encounter the Blue Flag resorts of Roseto Capo Spulico, Trebisacce, Villapiana Lido and Rocca Imperiale.

The beach at Roseto is famous for the presence of an important Frederician castle overlooking the sea, the Castello della Pietra (or Castle of Roseto Capo Spulico), at the foot of which rises the characteristic Scoglio Incudine (Anvil Rock), which takes its name from its unmistakable shape.

Roseto Capo Spulico
Regione Calabria

Catanzaro Blue Flags

The Blue Flags in Calabria in the province are Sellia Marina, Catanzaro Lido (Giovino) and Soverato. Three locations with crystal-clear sea along the Ionian coast that includes the Gulf of Squillace.

Soverato, with its long sandy beach, stretches in the Regional Marine Park also known as Bay of the Hippocampus for the presence of the characteristic "seahorse", an indication of the cleanliness of the seabed and symbol of the town. 

Regione Calabria

Crotone Blue Flags

Not only Blue Flag, but also the Protected Marine Area "Isola Capo Rizzuto", one of the largest in Europe, known for its unique water fortress: Le Castella.

The seabed of this stretch of the Ionian coast of Crotone, known as the Costa dei Saraceni, is also famous for the presence of submerged wrecks, archaeological remains (we are just a stone's throw from the Archaeological Park of Capocolonna), flora and fauna of extraordinary beauty, which can also be seen on a tour aboard special transparent-bottom ships.

Le Castella
Regione Calabria

Moving up the coast, we stop at the respective seaside resorts of Cirò Marina and Melissa.

Both Calabria Blue Flags, they are distinguished by the Punta Alice Beach (Cirò Marina), embellished by the remains of the ancient Shrine of Apollo Aleo, and the Aragonese Tower that gives the Marina of Torre Melissa its name.

Vibo Valentia Blue Flags

Among the Calabria Blue Flags of the Costa degli Dei, besides the new entry of Parghelia, the town of Tropea stands out.

Famous throughout the world for its sweet Red Onion of Tropea Calabria PGI and for being listed among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, Tropea boasts a series of fine, secluded beaches, as well as the famous Marina dell'Isola beach, below the rock shrine of the same name.

All around, a series of grottoes and caves to be explored on a boat trip offer breathtaking views and unprecedented vantage points on the skyline of the historic centre perched over the sea.   

Regione Calabria

Reggio Calabria Blue Flags

Our journey among the Blue Flags in Calabria ends along the Costa dei Gelsomini, between the resorts of Roccella Ionica, Caulonia and Siderno.

These three seaside destinations share a long coastline of fine sand and deep, crystal-clear waters. The Roccella Ionica beach is framed by the imposing Carafa Castle in the background, flanked by a beautiful promenade.

Roccella Ionica
Regione Calabria

The beaches of Caulonia Marina (also awarded the Green Flag) and Siderno are a reference point for families with children, ideal for cleanliness, safety and services.

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