Laos Archaeological Park


Archaeological Area

Laos occupies the summit of St. Bartolo in Marcellina hill, last and rare marine terrace area. According to Herodotus, the inhabitants of Sybaris who escaped the destruction of the city founded Laos. The city was defended on at least three sides by walls with double curtain hanging in places cutting blocks using "checkerboard" technique. Urban space was organized according to the scheme based on Greek rectangular blocks with perpendicular streets. In the south-east of the town, near present cemetery, it was brought to light an area characterized by the presence of artisan furnaces for ceramics production, while not yet are been recognized public and sacred spaces. 

The last stages of research has focused in the area currently organized as Archaeological Park, inside which was highlighted a portion of town with important structures, such as "House with Ramp", so called for particular access slabs of stone, and "House with Mosaic", characterized by mosaic floor with a frame of clay tiles and part tiles of bluish color. After gradual downsizing, the site is abandoned in the second half of third century BC.

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