Sellia Marina

Sellia Marina, a Blue Flag beach

Sellia Marina is located in the Gulf of Squillace, in the stretch of coast called Costa degli Aranci, and is located just a few kilometres away from Catanzaro, behind the mountain scenarios of the Sila Piccola. 
Once upon a time the village was divided into Sellia, located at 560 metres above sea level, and Sellia Marina, a little more than 80 metres above sea level, near the coast. Today Sellia and Sellia Marina are two autonomous municipalities.

Sellia Marina is a renowned seaside resort, awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award in 2018 and in 2019 due to its pristine clean sea.

The beach of Sellia Marina, composed of fine sand, spreads out for several kilometres and is bathed by a wonderful blue sea.

A beautiful setting of Mediterranean scrubland and pine trees with the buttresses of the Sila from the seabed, closes the beautiful coastal landscape. Sellia has an enviable position, as it is possible to go for long-distance hiking tours in the surrounding area, from trekking on the Sila to visiting Isola di Capo Rizzuto; a true paradise on Earth. For those who love the mountains, the Sila Piccola offers numerous paths with steep roads that culminate in the 1765 metres of Monte Gariglione, between forests and mountain landscapes of rare beauty. Sellia Marina offers tourists a very intense night-life, especially in the summer months, due to the many places on its waterfront, which become alive when evening falls until the first glimmer of dawn. Among the curiosities linked to Sellia Marina, we remember the death in 2011 of Vittorio De Seta; seen as the father of Italian documentary cinema, who in the last stage of his life retired to live precisely in this area.

In Feudo De Seta it is possible to visit the Palazzo and the Cappella De Seta (Silk Chapel), while in Petrizia visitors can admire the Villa dei Nobili. Moving to the hamlet of Uria, noteworthy of a visit are the Grotte di sabbia (Sand Caves). Still within the town of Feudo De Seta and not to be missed is a very unusual museum south of Lambretta, dedicated to the famous Italian brand; much appreciated by lovers and collectors worldwide. The museum contains a number of models of this Italian gem, which was very fashionable from the Fifties onwards. Obviously, not to be missed are the religious buildings such as the Cappella di Santa Rita (Chapel of Santa Rita) in contrada Frasso, the Chiesa Stella Maris (Stella Maris church) in Chyubica and Chiesetta del Santissimo Rosario (Little church of the Most Holy Rosary) in the hamlet of Calabricata. Throughout Sellia Marina it is possible to see the remains of ancient ruins as well as farmhouses and a Roman aqueduct. Like almost all villages of inland Calabrian, Sellia also offers a series of exhibitions and events of a religious nature which take place all year round, from Cunfrunta, reference the Gospel which celebrates the request made by the Virgin Mary to Saint John to find Jesus following his resurrection. Worthy of a mention is the feast of S. Nicola di Bari, that sees the spectacular procession with the patron saint, accompanied by four worshippers all over the country, adorned with coloured blankets and with icons displayed everywhere. On the next day a highly appreciated festival of local sweets takes place.

The Blue Flag

The beach of Sellia Marina stretches for several kilometres and is composed of fine sand, bathed by a wonderful blue sea. The size of this beach make it particularly suitable for lovers of sport such as beach volley and five-aside football. The beach is particularly appreciated by tourists due to its unspoilt surroundings,such as the nearby pine trees that offer a little shade during the hottest hours of the day. Frequent visitors of the beach are families with children as well as young people. The beach of Sellia Marina is mostly free but there are some bathing facilities where equipment can be rented. 
It is not uncommon to see swimmers dive into the stretch of water in front of Sellia Marina as late as October, when the sea still maintains acceptable temperatures.


Among the typical dishes of the local gastronomy, the following must be mentioned: Pumodori Chini (stuffed tomatoes), Pane cottu (a cooked stale bread recipe), cucuzza (summer squash) and Baccalà (salted dried cod) with potatoes, Sanguinaccio (blood sausage or black pudding) and Petrali sweets.

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