Summer in Roccella Ionica, between sea and events

Dives, music and shows on the Costa dei Gelsomini

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Are you planning your next holiday in Calabria?

Summer in Roccella is waiting for a dip in its crystal-clear sea, confirmed as a Blue Flag, and a series of highly anticipated events that, like every year, will enliven the summer evenings with music, concerts and shows not to be missed as part of the "Roccella Summer Festival".

Nestled amidst the intense scents of the so-called Costa dei Gelsomini, the stretch of the Middle Ionian Sea that runs through Locride, in the province of Reggio Calabria, the town of Roccella Ionica is a concentration of sea, history, culture and activities for young people and the whole family.

Roccella Ionica Blue Flag

Fine sand and clean sea, lidos equipped with every comfort and a marina make Roccella Ionica a perfect Blue Flag resort for summer holidays in Calabria.

The unmistakable symbol of this lively Ionian town is the imposing Carafa Castle that towers on top of the hill, visible from every point, including the long coastline watched over by its ancient defensive presence.

From the top of the panoramic promontory, the castle, with the Mother Church and the surviving buildings of what was once the original fortified citadel (Rupella, later to become Arocella and finally Roccella), guards the history of the entire town. Founded in Norman times by Gualtieri De Collepietro, it passed first to the Ruffo family and then to the Carafa della Spina family, who restored it.

It is still a monumental building, which in 1553 proved impregnable to Turkish attacks by the fearsome corsair Dragut Pasha. The present palace retains a star-shaped paved courtyard inside, through which one can access the upper floors, where the private flats of the princes were located.

Roccella Ionica Castello
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The castle forms a true monumental complex, including the beautiful Baroque-style Church of St Nicholas of Bari, the Pizzofalcone Tower, protecting the western flank, and the remains of the buildings that originally made up the citadel. It is a venue for events all year round, also linked to the Teatro al Castello, a little further down the valley, where the famous "Rumori Mediterranei" International Jazz Festival has been held for years.

Walking down from the castle, one enters the alleyways of the old town, laid out at its foot, where it is pleasant to lose oneself in contemplation of the noble palaces, some of which are home to important cultural institutions, such as the Roccella com'era Association and the "Scholé" School of Philosophy.

Another focal point of Roccella's cultural life is the former Convento dei Minimi, a splendid 16th-century building restored in the town centre, adjacent to the Church of San Vittore, Roccella's patron saint.

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Roccella Summer Festival

For several seasons now, Roccella's splendid Blue Flag beach has hosted one of the most eagerly awaited events of the summer in Calabria: the "Roccella Summer Festival".

After welcoming the highly attended Jova Beach Party '22, Roccella Ionica is once again ready to host the big names of the Italian and international music scene.

The Roccella Summer Festival is a great musical container on the beach, where you can enjoy the performances and concerts of the great artists of the moment in safety and freedom, catering for the youngest audience without disappointing anyone, with a rich and varied programme, which can be consulted on the initiative's official website.

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