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Jan 22, 2024 9:56 AM

San Nicola Arcella rises on the edge of a steep cliff, overlooking the sea and the wonderful landscape of the Gulf of Policastro. It became an independent Municipality in 1912; it is included in the province of Cosenza, a few kilometers far from the Basilicata border. Geographically, it is located on a hill but it is also close to the sea: this situation creates a peculiar climate, with summer seasons refreshed by a breeze that blows during the hottest hours of the day. The beaches are nestled in the rock coast, that is a part of the Riviera dei Cedri (Cedars Riviera) so-called for the presence of the characteristic fruits. 

Under the cliff, a natural harbor lies and, in summer, the small beach offers bathing facilities. The sea stretch between San Nicola and Diamante is very interesting for scuba divers. At the borders with Scalea, the wild and craggy Capo Scalea stands. It is a small promontory sloping to the sea through some granite blocks. From the 96 m high top, a breath-taking view of Calabria, Basilicata and Campania coasts can be enjoyed. The Dino island and, south, the whole stretch of the Riviera dei Cedri are perfectly visible. Along the coast, a round 16th-century watch tower rises. Local flora includes olive trees, Mediterranean scrub, and the golden-yellow Palinuro primrose that blooms on the rocks. Many other shrubs grow spontaneously on the rocks. The ancient village is almost completely paved with stones and all the many narrow streets lead to the Main Church.

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