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Jan 22, 2024 9:56 AM

Soverato, known as “the Pearl of the Ionian Sea”, is one of the most beautiful and important tourist resorts of the Ionian Coast. the town consists of three different areas: a lower urban center lying along the coast, a hilly built-up area and an upper town where Soverato Vecchia stands. Local climate is mild and pleasant all year long, and it depends on unique environmental and climatic elements: the clean sea, sun always shining and wonderful beaches. The origins are mythical, though the presence of prehistoric Italic populations was evidenced. The Greeks and Romans, attracted by the local geographical position, populated the area as the findings of silver Greek coins, remains of port structures, tombs and walls confirm. Ancient Medieval Soverato did not survive to the earthquake in 1783; the new urban settlement was erected on a hill, and it developed after the railway connecting Reggio Calabria to Taranto was built. Economy in Soverato is mainly based on tourism and commercial activities. In summer, Soverato is the destination of tourists and visitors who come also from abroad to enjoy its renowned beaches. In Soverato there are 400 businesses, seven high schools, a hospital, five ATMs, public and private offices where most local people work. Close to the residential area, an industrial area with several factories is located: nautical industries, construction companies (cement and prefabricated products), assembly and plant companies. Moreover, Soverato fishing port is one of the most active structures in Ionian Calabria. Cheese factories produce very good dairy products. Excellent wines are produced from the several vineyards growing on the hills.

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