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Cedar Museum enhances the culture linked to the production of typical citrus of Santa Maria del Cedro and its arrival in Riviera. Museum exposes the memory of the fruit and the region through educational panels that document the stages of production. The presence of multimedia stations allow users to access a GIS platform that tells the territory in a comprehensive manner. 

Museum offers two paths: Artistic Path, which insists in historic center, tells the story of the cedar and its references to biblical world and Jewish traditions, as well as literary quotations of citrus (Apicius, in his recipes, Boccaccio, Tasso, D'Annunzio and Lee Masters); Archaeological Path is instead linked to the site of Laos, colony of Magna grecia, through a visit that gives the opportunity to complete the story of the arrival of cedar in Italy.


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PRWC+7G, Santa Maria del Cedro
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