Cirò Marina

Cirò Marina, where the wine of the gods comes from

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Cirò Marina lies along the Ionian coast of the upper Crotone area and that of the old Krimisa, a colony of Magna Graecia, in a region surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and cultivated fields between Punta Alice and the River Lipuda.

The Cirò area is also known for the excellent vineyards at Gaglioppo which the Cirò DOC wine, one of the best-known and most requested in Calabria, is made from.

The viticulture of Cirò has very ancient roots. In fact, the prized local wine production was talked about in the Roman period.

There are plenty of traces of pre-Hellenic peoples in the region and the area around Cirò is full of architectural and archaeological treasures of rare beauty. Cirò Marina is an old land, inhabited in the distant past by Greek settlers who probably arrived there between the 7th and 6th centuries BC and founded the town of Krimisa on the Ionian coast near the mouth of the River Lipuda. The colony was also known because of the Temple of Apollo Aleus on the promontory of Punta Alice. It was part of the Municipality of Cirò until 1952 so the urbanised part of the village doesn’t have a true historic nucleus but there are significant architectural remains there such as the ruins of the Torre Nuova on the Lipuda, Casa Taverna, Palazzo Porti, Casa Sculco, Casa Saverona and other rural residences that, surrounded by vineyards, and orange and olive groves formed the original, characteristic landscape of the Mediterranean garden.

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