Cirella Island


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Sep 21, 2023 2:26 PM

Cirella Island is located off the coast of Diamante. It's an outcrop of limestone, environmental and natural jewel: it's covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation and has the remains of a lookout tower (Tower of the Island of Cirella) on top of the hill, built by the Viceroy of Napoli as defense from pirate raids of the ninth century: a square, with walls thick 4 meters. The perimeter of the Island is characterized by caves, coves and cliffs; the mirror of the sea around the Island houses some archaeological finds from Greek-Roman period: the first discovery was a large Dressel amphora of the first period (the first of its kind found in the sea). The marine flora consists of Posidonia Oceanica with specimens of Pinna Nobilis, the largest bivalve in the Mediterranean, a protected species.

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