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Trebisacce is located on the Achaean Coast; its name derives from the Byzantine word Trapezàkion, “small table”, referring to the plain where the village was built. Archaeological evidences report the presence of human settlements, such as those found in the Broglio area, where artifacts dating back to the Middle Bronze and Iron Ages and remains of Protohistoric dwellings were found. In ancient times, Trebisacce was a rich and flourishing town. A dense road network and sea transports among the Magna Graecia poleis promoted the development of the town and its economy. 

Moreover, thanks to its excellent strategic position that was close to the sea and to Mt Mostarica where the population could take refuge, Trebisacce took control of the only communication road between Metaponto and Sybaris. When Magna Graecia was conquered by the Romans, Trebisacce faced a period of economic decay due to the changes in the political and administrative structure of the Sibari area. In fact, there are very few archaeological evidences of that period. During the Byzantine age, the town began to be called Trapezàkion. Commercial and economic development has increased in the 1990s and still continues. The town, once a fishing village, has now become one of the main commercial and touristic towns in the Achaean Coast. 

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