Pet friendly beaches in Calabria

Find out where to go to the sea with your pet
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Are you looking for the right place to spend your beach holiday with your dog? Come and discover all the pet-friendly beaches in Calabria and places where you can have fun safely with your "four-legged family".

With its long, uninterrupted coastline, some 800 km from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian Sea, Calabria offers 19 Blue Flags, 20 child-friendly Green Flags and dozens of resorts ready to welcome your four-legged friend for an unforgettable holiday.

Four-legged holidays in Calabria

Going on holiday with your pet should be a pleasure to be experienced in complete safety, respecting the environment, your animal friends but also those around you.

That is why it is important to be aware of pet-friendly places and beaches, which, in addition to allowing free or regulated movement of pets (with muzzle, leash, hygienic bags and health certificates in order), offer specific services dedicated to them.

Calabrian dog beaches can be found in all provinces, many of which are on the list of those awarded national banners certifying cleanliness, safety and services.

Below are the main pet-friendly locations in Calabria that offer pet-friendly lidos and/or beaches from north to south:

  •  Amantea (CS)
  • Montegiordano Marina (CS)
  • Villapiana (CS)
  • Cariati (CS)
  • Cirò Marina (KR)
  • Torre Melissa (KR)
  • Copanello (CZ)
  • Soverato (CZ)
  • Santa Caterina dello Ionio (CZ)
  • Gizzeria Lido (CZ)
  • Marina di Zambrone (VV)
  • Tropea (VV)
  • Reggio Calabria

Among these locations, some in particular offer customised services for your dog.

In Cariati, for example, there is a pet-friendly resort certified by the Italian Federation of Associations for Animal Rights and the Environment where each room is equipped with a kennel, a bowl with a subtitle, hygienic bags and, in some, even a veranda.

Along Soverato's Blue Flag beach and throughout the Gulf of Squillace, pets are the full protagonists of sea rescue actions. They are an entire team of Labrador dog-bathing dogs trained by the local SICS Canine Units who, every year, watch over the safety of bathers using the public beach.

Santa Caterina dello Ionio, on the other hand, boasts the record of pet-friendly beach established by municipal decree (the first in Calabria).

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What to do with your pet in Calabria

What to do on holiday with your dog in Calabria? Not only fun and relaxation for you, but also activities for your dog or to do together.

In Calabria, there are plenty of trekking and hiking offers within the region's 3 national parks and the numerous reserves and protected areas to enjoy in the company of your dog. A few examples?

An absolutely safe and pet-friendly place is the Villa Vittoria Park in the municipality of Mongiana (VV), an educational garden centre with a botanical garden with 200 different species and a garden of medicinal plants.

Regione Calabria

Are you an art and culture enthusiast? Your four-legged friend can freely accompany you to the following dog-accessible museums in Calabria:

  • Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria
  • Museo della Liquirizia Amarelli, Rossano (CS)
  • Fortezza Le Castella, Isola Capo Rizzuto (KR)
  • Cattolica di Stilo (RC)
  • Museo archeologico di Monasterace e Locri (RC)

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