Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria, the most beautiful kilometre in Italy
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Considered the land of the charms and enchantments of D'Annunzio, which were very popular among 19th-century English travellers, Reggio Calabria stands out for its variety of unmissable works of art and pathways waiting to be explored. Not many people know that Reggio Calabria, in addition to being referred to as the City of the Bronzes, is also known as the City of the Fata Morgana because visitors can witness this peculiar optical phenomenon just off the coast of the city. As you look at the mirage, which can be seen within the narrow band above the horizon, the coast of Sicily appears to be just a few metres away from the shores of Calabria and the objects on the opposite shore are clearly distinguishable.

The name Fata Morgana is a reference to Morgana of Celtic mythology, who made sailors have visions of fantastic castles in the air or on land in order to entice them before leading them to their death.

The captivating Lungomare Falcomatà is a veritable corner of paradise teeming with palm trees and exotic species in an atmosphere of intense aromas and colours. As your feet wander, you will be caressed by the sea breeze and enchanted by the panoramic views over the Strait.

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