Gizzeria, the kitesurf paradise
Kitesurf Gizzeria 1 (foto Hang Loose Beach)

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If you are wondering where to go kitesurfing in Calabria, know that your ideal destination is Gizzeria Lido, a seaside hamlet in the municipality of Gizzeria, in the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, in the province of Catanzaro.

This stretch of the Riviera dei Tramonti is a surfer's paradise due to its microclimatic characteristics, with strong winds and deep sea in all seasons of the year. Gizzeria is the small kite capital and hosts the annual Kite Foil Youth World Champion for experts and youth categories, which hosts athletes from all over the world.

In addition to the beautiful seafront promenade, full of well-equipped lidos and not-to-be-missed nightlife venues, Gizzeria offers a visit to the town centre, which is slightly elevated. An ancient centre of Arbëreshë culture (Jacari, in the Italo-Albanian language), Gizzeria is a vantage point over the beautiful sunsets of the Lametina Tyrrhenian coast.

Other viewpoints not to be missed in Gizzeria? The hillock on which the Capo Suvero Tower stands and the Faro isthmus, at the foot of which stretches the splendid Turrazzo Beach.

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