CS-Montegiordano-panorama[LR 13-2023]

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A settlement of very ancient foundation, Montegiordano, on the Upper Ionian in the province of Cosenza, dates back to the 4th century B.C., as shown by important finds from the Greek and Roman periods and the excavation of an ancient Lucanian farm in the locality of Menzinàra.

Alongside classical archaeology, there is an example of industrial archaeology that had a considerable impact on the development of the area, whose history is imprinted in the remains of the old disused cement factory. 

A true architectural symbol is the Castle of Montegiordano (listed among the Historical Residences of Calabria). Built by the Pignone del Carretto family as a winter residence and hunting lodge, the castle is a charming location for events and a wine estate of excellence (Tenuta del Castello) immersed in a landscape of great natural beauty.

A monumental staircase and a round arch give access to the upper floor; a little further down the valley rises what was once the aristocratic chapel dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine.

The hamlet of Montegiordano Marina is one of the most popular beaches along the Costa degli Achei.

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