Zambrone, Divers’ Paradise


Zambrone is located halfway between Tropea and Vibo Valentia, a few kilometres to the north of the promontory of Capo Vaticano. It is a splendid tourist resort of Calabria's Tyrrhenian coast, in the middle of the famous Costa degli Dei (Coast of Gods). The village, until a few decades ago, was devoted exclusively to agriculture and sheep farming. Subsequently, due to the influx of tourism from nearby Tropea, and especially due to the wonderful white beaches surrounded by splendid cliffs in granite and by a crystal clear sea, Zambrone has experienced a thriving tourist growth, becoming a privileged destination for beach holidays in Costa degli Dei.

In recent decades, hotel and residences of all categories have emerged in Zambrone, but especially tourist villages and many campsites on its long and extensive white beaches, visited by foreign tourists.

Zambrone is a famous destination, highly sought-after by many visitors from all parts of Europe due to its marvellous seabed seething with marine life.

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