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Oct 23, 2023 9:04 AM

Historic center of Amantea is accessible through the climb steep of Via Cavour, marked by an arch between old houses. Ancient settlement, enclosed in walls, is perched on the highest part of the hill, culminating with Svevo Castle. Characterized by a succession of palaces, panoramic views of the sea and chapels, the village retains architectural features from Middle Ages to late-Renaissance and Baroque. Of artistic importance are the portals of Mirabelli Palace (seventeenth century) and Cavallo Marincola Palace (XVII century); the facade of the seventeenth-century Florio Palace and the eighteenth-century De Martino Palace. Ladders winding wedging between the houses and the gradients, through narrow passages topped rooms, suspended arches and turrets, clear examples of fortified houses. To them alternating small squares with fountains.


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