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Seaside resort located in the municipality of Stalettì (CZ), the long beach is located between two reefs: the right, the Torrazzo, it is a rock rich in cavities within which they find shelter swallows, sea birds and peregrine falcons. The vegetation is mainly composed of herbs, prickly pears, carnations, mastic trees, olive trees and euphorbias. At the sea level, open the two entrances to the St. Gregory's Cave, where, according to tradition, would come the relics of St. Gregory the Wonderworker. The reef slopes down to the side of Pietragrande. Between the railroad and the old road are the remains of the Byzantine Church of Panaja (from greek, "All Holy"), dedicated to Our Lady, of which only part of an apse and a wall with traces of plaster, dating early medieval era.

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PHW5+78, Stalettì
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