Instagrammable places in Calabria not to be missed

Small guide to the seven most Instagrammable places in Calabria
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There are photos that make you want to leave immediately.

It is not enough to put a like or even repost: those places that suddenly populate our Instagram feed become the destination of a holiday to experience and - obviously - to share.

From one side to the other of Calabria, here are the perfect locations to repost without the need for filters and with hashtags declined according to personal tastes and passions. A small guide to the seven most Instagrammable places ever.

Musaba of Mammola in Reggio Calabria

A place of the soul, powerful as few, capable of releasing all the energy of colour and art of the unforgettable Nik Spatari.

The Musaba museum park, at the foot of Aspromonte, offers an immersive and surreal experience among the works created by the genius of two visionary artists: Nick and his partner Hiske Maas. Hyper-coloured mosaics, gigantic, three-dimensional paintings ideal for immortalising to inspire followers.

Musaba Mammola
Regione Calabria

"Affaccio dei sospiri" in Tropea

What is the iconic image of Tropea? The romantic terrace overlooking the sea and lit by the sunset.

The Affaccio dei Sospiri is certainly one of the (many) reasons why a visit to the village is worthwhile, getting lost in the maze of narrow streets and then finding yourself in front of this breathtaking view. Obligatory is the effect photo to post with the right hashtags to convey it in the most effective way.

Luca Fregola

Lavender Park

Like in Provence, but under the southern Italian sun. During flowering, the Lavender Park at Campotenese (a hamlet of Morano Calabro) is a fragrant purple expanse.

It is in this period, between the end of June and the end of August, that the park becomes an exceptional photographic set, with its glimpses to be immortalised or as a colourful backdrop for selfies and stories to be published on social networks. It's just a shame we can't share the scent.

Parco Lavanda
Elisabetta Cirinanni

Street art in Diamante

Strolling through the streets of Diamante, a tourist town on the upper Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, is like leafing through the pages of a book, because the walls speak, they tell, through street art.

It is the city of murals, with over three hundred graffiti that colour the historic centre and transform it into an open-air museum. The alleyways of this seaside village are an ideal location for creating new content to offer followers, whether it be an improvised shot or a photo designed to strike and make them reflect on the meaning of the artistic work.

Regione Calabria

The giants of Sila

Majestic, over 100-year-old larch pines in front of which one feels very small. These are the Giants of Fallistro (named after the natural area that hosts them), better known as the Giants of Sila, silent and imposing guardians of the National Park.

They are 58 trees and stand up to 45 metres high, a natural heritage of incalculable value. It is wonderful to let the light filter through the branches and capture the most significant frames of this adventure in direct contact with nature with your mobile phone. The wow effect is assured.

Giganti della Sila
Regione Calabria

View from Capo Vaticano Lighthouse

One cannot leave the Costa degli Dei without a photo taken from the Capo Vaticano Lighthouse, which offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Gioia Tauro, the Strait of Messina and even the Aeolian Islands.

The lighthouse is among the oldest in Calabria, sits atop a cliff and has always been a landmark for sailors. Framing tip: back to front, hair in the wind, looking out to the blue expanse of the sea. Get ready to get a lot of likes.

Capo Vaticano
Luca Fregola

Arcomagno of San Nicola Arcella

Here, nature has had fun creating a perfect photographic set. The bay is encircled by the arc of rock (hence the name Arcomagno), the turquoise of the crystal-clear water makes a striking sight and when it is sunset time it is true poetry. The rays pass through the rock and are reflected in the water.

From afar or from the beach, crossing the arch, it will be impossible to resist the temptation to share the beauty of this place. And you won't even have to struggle to find the caption for effect, the photo will already say it all.

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