Horseback riding in Calabria

Are you a lover of "slow tourism" and experiences in close contact with nature? Choose horseback riding in Calabria

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Sport and nature

Are you a lover of "slow tourism" and experiences in close contact with nature? Choose horseback riding in Calabria, a sustainable and ecological form of tourism to discover the region's thousands of landscapes.

The perfect combination of adventure and nature, horseback riding in Calabria allows you to cross beaches, mountains, parks, reserves and scenery of timeless charm, in perfect symbiosis between man and animal.

Horseback riding in Calabria is an experience suitable for everyone: experienced or novice riders, adults and children; it can be practised in complete safety, in the company of qualified guides, or by choosing to ride along dedicated trails in total autonomy.

Discover where it is possible to go horseback riding on the beach in Calabria, among the forest trails in the main parks and reserves, or around hilltop villages.

Horseback riding in Praia a Mare (CS)

Let's start from the Upper Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza and discover the coast through a horseback ride on the beach of Praia a Mare, along the Riviera dei Cedri.

One of the best-loved Blue Flags on this stretch of coast, Praia a Mare offers horse-riding enthusiasts the opportunity to take advantage of an important equestrian centre and enjoy one of the most evocative horseback rides in Calabria, either exploring the valleys of the Noce and Lao rivers or directly on the beach.

Cavalli Mare
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Horseback riding excursions in Praia a Mare, to be practised either in groups or individually, allow you to discover some of the area's most beautiful natural attractions: from the beaches that are part of the Regional Marine Park "Riviera dei Cedri", to the green woods and Mediterranean maquis that extend in the immediate surroundings, to the slopes of Mount Vingiolo, where the Shrine of the Madonna della Grotta is set.

Are you an all-round sportsman? Don't miss the chance to combine your horseback riding excursions in Praia a Mare with an adrenaline-filled paragliding flight.

Horseback riding in Lorica (CS)

Still in the province of Cosenza, but this time immersed in the forests of the Sila National Park, we offer a series of horseback riding excursions in Lorica, a mountain and ski resort in the municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore.

If in the middle of winter Lorica is a skiing paradise in Calabria, in the other seasons it is the perfect setting for those who wish to practice professional horse riding or simply go horseback riding in Calabria around Lake Arvo.

Excursions on horseback in Lorica, along the Lake Arvo circuit, offer unforgettable emotions. We are in the heart of the Sila Grande, in the uncontaminated landscape of forests and a lake basin that is a natural oasis of many Mediterranean species of flora and fauna. The perfect place to live face to face with an animal like the horse and its special empathy. 

Villaggio Mancuso
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Horseback rides are run by local stables and the Riding Club, which offer young and old alike the chance to enjoy the lakefront in complete safety, with "pet and eco friendly" rides also available along the park's trails.

Horseback riding in Tropea (VV)

Horseback riding on the beach? Come to Tropea and enjoy the most beautiful views of the Costa degli Dei while riding your four-legged friend!

Horseback riding in Tropea is the most fascinating way to discover its Caribbean, Blue Flag beaches, hinterland and mountain trails that connect the Tyrrhenian Sea to the lush forests of the Vibonese and Mount Poro.

Wonderful horseback rides in Calabria, organised by the stables in and around Tropea, to discover the most evocative sea creeks, the fascinating paths through the Poro, reaching panoramic heights, or the breathtaking cliffs of Capo Vaticano and its surroundings.   

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In every season of the year, in groups or solo, with rental service and the possibility of purchasing ad hoc packages for events (weddings and "gift cards", school parties, etc.), the area's stables offer horse-riding enthusiasts all the services they need to enjoy the experience of horseback riding in Tropea.

Horseback riding in Reggio Calabria

Among the horseback rides in Calabria not to be missed, we suggest those in and around Reggio Calabria: from the Tyrrhenian beaches of the Costa Viola to the Ionian beaches of the Riviera dei Gelsomini, passing through the dense forests of the Aspromonte National Park.

Excursions on horseback in Reggio Calabria offer possibilities for young and old, depending on ability and the places you wish to ride through: coastlines, hidden coves and caves, Aspromonte ridges or the course of the typical Calabrian rivers in search of panoramic views.

Some unmissable itineraries? The most skilled in the saddle can try their hand at the mountain trails that reach some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the province; or set off to discover the "ghost towns" on the slopes of Aspromonte or, again, retrace the same route as the writers of the Grand Tour, following in the footsteps of Edward Lear, who at the time travelled on horseback.

Caulonia-  Cascate di San Nicola
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What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your friends or family to an equestrian tourism and horseback riding experience in Calabria. Discover all the equestrian centres, riding schools and farmhouses available in the area.

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