The mythical charm of Capo Vaticano


“The section of coast ending in Capo Vaticano is full of history and beauty. It could be called Costabella with a little regret and nostalgia.”.

This is how the Venetian writer Giuseppe Berto celebrated the beauty Capo Vaticano, where he decided to stop and put down roots after travelling at length.

The fascinating succession of breathtaking views, make Capo Vaticano one of the most precious gems of Calabria.

The promontory of Capo Vaticano, opposite Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands, divides the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia from that of Gioia Tauro and includes the coastal area that extends from Baia del Tono to Baia di Santa Maria to the last ramifications of Monte Poro. The crystal clear water, the secluded white beaches and a fascinating sequence of breathtaking panoramas overlooking sea with the most intense hues make Capo Vaticano one of the finest gems of Tyrrhenian Calabria. A well-known French magazine didn’t hesitate in electing it the third most beautiful beach in Italy and include it in the classification of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

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