Aree e Parchi Marini

Marine Areas and Parks

One of the Italian regions with the most kilometres of coastline, almost 800 between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, Calabria includes a series of marine ecosystems and dunes that not only provide an unspoilt habitat for various species at risk of extinction, but also offer conscious sea-goers the opportunity to admire some of the most remarkable flora and fauna in the Mediterranean.

The "Capo Rizzuto" Marine Protected Area in the province of Crotone is one of the largest in Italy in terms of size and, with its 15,000 hectares, is also among the largest in Europe. Discovering the wonder of its seabed, while respecting the environment and the ecosystem that characterises it, is a unique experience, to be enjoyed with the appropriate guides or on board transparent bottom boats.

Three promontories overlook this area, including Capo Colonna, on which stands the Archaeological Park of the same name with the only surviving column of the ancient Greek temple of Hera Lacinia, and Punta Le Castella with its Aragonese castle above the water, one of the most iconic images of the region.

The naturalistic importance of this marine area lies in the richness of the flora and fauna (particularly the posidonia meadows and the colourful parrotfish), the white and pink beaches and the presence of ancient submerged wrecks.

In addition to the Marine Protected Area "Capo Rizzuto", the Region has established 5 Marine Parks including Sites of Community Importance (SCI).

Discover all of them, from north to south!

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