Recycled and Found: International Virtual Exchange and Exhibition of Multimedia Arts

The virtual art exhibition Recycled and Found from 13 March to 31 December 2024.

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Art Exhibit

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Mar 13 - 31 Dec


Cosenza, Catanzaro, Crotone and other places


Art Exhibit

The Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts (BACCA) and the agency Sognare Insieme Viaggi are excited to announce their partnership in presenting an innovative international arts exchange: the multimedia exhibition "Recycled and Found". This is one of many special events in the year where BACCA celebrates its 50th year of service to the community through the arts.

This virtual showcase will bring together artists from Calabria, Italy, and Long Island, New York and the Greater New York metropolitan area, inviting them to redefine artistic boundaries by creating multimedia artworks from unconventional found materials. Calabria, Italy and Long Island, New York both have vibrant artistic communities eager to foster connections and support environmental protection. The Recycled and Found exhibition serves as a platform for these artists to collaborate, inspire and imagine a sustainable future through their creative expression. The participants use different types of so-called waste materials, including but not limited to plastic, metal and paper waste. The exhibition aims to stimulate viewers to reconsider the value of everyday objects by promoting sustainable practices through art.

The artists from Long Island are: Bri Sander (UpSculpt), Gregory Rapp, Tom Brydelsky, Sarah Vitale and Scott Schneider (Toxic/Nature Studios). The Italian artists are: Curator Luigi Impieri, Stefano Ricci, Antonio Froio, Delio Piccioni, Alfredo Granata and Antonio De Pietro. Key objectives of the exhibition are to form an organising committee of artists representing both Italy and the United States, inspire viewers to become agents of change in their communities, foster collaborative work, and establish a unique framework for the international exchange of arts and ideas. The programme includes:

  • A Virtual Art Exhibition: a 3D online gallery showcasing the work of ten artists, five of whom live in Italy and five in New York.
  • Virtual Artist Meetings: The selected artists will participate in a private "working and sharing session" and an online discussion, which will be recorded and open to the public, where they will discuss their work and artistic practices.

Details on all events will be available at

Important Dates:

  • Exhibition Opening to the Public: Wednesday 13 March 2024 at
  • Artists' Meeting: Saturday 16 March 2024, at 15:00 EST
  • Virtual Exhibition Closing: 31 December 2024

Join us as we celebrate creativity, environmental awareness and intercultural exchange.

Visit the exhibition by clicking here.

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