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Civic Museum is located within Helper Tower of Charles V Castle and is chronologically-theme divided into six sections: "Heraldry", includes a series of coats of arms belonging to the most prestigious families of the city; "Disappeared Country", exhibits from various periods, fragments of pottery and coins found in some houses of the area that no longer exist; "Prints and Photos" of the period from late nineteenth century and 1950; "Medieval Costume", which counts 52 ancient clothes; "Armory", with a collection of weapons of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as pieces of artillery from ships in bronze; "Terracotta and Ceramics", which brings together the fragments of pottery found during the restoration of residential buildings of old town, those from Grottaglie and Cerreto Sannita and remains of tile flooring of the '700 from Vietri and Caltagirone.

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