Spezzano della Sila



Dec 27, 2023 3:30 PM

The scholar Alessio claimed that the origin of the name Spezzano probably derived from the personal name Spedius followed by the suffix -anus, indicating land ownership. However, according to Rohlfs, the original personal name was Spetius. The first settlement was founded in the 9th century by a group of refugees who were forced to leave Cosenza by Saracens raids. Initially, Spezzano was one of Cosenza baglive, and, together with nearby casali, it was sold to the Grand Duke of Tuscany (1644). 

The dominion ended with the riot of Celico (May 23rd 1647). During the French Rule, the population sided with the Bourbons. Following the administrative reorganization by the General Championnet in 1799, the town became a municipality and it was included in the Cosenza Canton. By the law of January 19th 1807, Spezzano was the main city of a government that included thirteen Luoghi. By the decree dated May 4th 1811 it was the main town of the Circondario. In 1927 Spezzano Grande and Spezzano Piccolo were reunited by authority in a single municipality called Spezzano della Sila. In 1937, they were separated again, and while Spezzano Piccolo kept its old name, Spezzano Grande opted for the new one.

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