The Orange Coast


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While the geographical extremes of this vast coastline are characterized by low sandy and pebbled beaches, especially at the mouths of the rivers, the central part of the Orange Coast (La Costa degli Aranci) is constituted by the presence of white granite rocky cliffs that slope gently down the sea. The long pebbly beaches of Botricello, Cropani, Sellia Marina at north, Isca on the Ionian Sea and Badolato Marina at south, contrast with the mighty promontory of Stalettì that offers the most suggestive view of the entire coast. The promontory, which rises south of the long beach of Squillace Lido, is bordered by the beaches of Copanello at north, at south it gently slopes down to the white beaches of Montepavone Lido and Soverato. The center of Caminia promontory, located in the municipality of Stalettì, is renowned for its lovely granite reefs, which overlook the crystal clear sea, and form small colourful sea caves. The natural beauty and landscape of the coast is the perfect setting for the archaeological heritage of the entire Gulf of Squillace, as well as the renowned and fully equipped seaside resorts of Soverato and Copanello. The medieval hamlet of Squillace, which is rich in artistic and monumental remains of the ancient and glorious past, is castled at 344 meters above sea level, and dominates the Gulf. In Scolacium Archaeological Park it is possible to admire the remains of the ancient Roman colony and the monumental Basilica of Santa Maria della Roccella, built in the 11th century by the Normans and considered one of the greatest Templar churches in Italy. The heart of the Orange Coast (La Costa degli Aranci), and in particular the stretch that overlooks the Gulf of Squillace, includes eight hamlets, all of which are crossed by the road106. Among these the best known are: Copanello, considered the gem of the entire coast, Caminia, Pietragrande and Soverato "The Pearl of the Ionian". Copanello is one of the most important seaside resorts in Calabria. The high cliff on which the village stands, briefly interrupting the wide and spacious beach, protrudes into the clear and fishy sea, rich in plankton. Particularly equipped are the hotels and the seaside resorts capable of satisfying even the most demanding tourists. Other towns of the Stalettì coast have similar characteristics: the endless beaches, are immersed between sea and hills in the uncontaminated nature

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