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The Ruffo Castle stands on the promontory of Scilla, leaning over the Strait of Messina and is the genius loci of the town. The first fortification of the cliff against pirate raids dates back to the fifth century BC, under the Tyrant Anassila of Reggio. The impregnability of the cliff was violated only by Dionysius of Syracuse in 390 BC; further reinforced by the Emperor Octavian, was described by Pliny the Elder as "Oppidum Scyllaeum", a large fortified settlement. In 1060, the Castle surrendered to Robert the Guiscard, who chose it as a military garrison. In the fifteenth century, the Castle was granted by King Ferdinand I of Naples to Gutierrez De Nava, a Castilian knight; in 1533 it was purchased by Paolo Ruffo, who restored it and made it his own princely residence. 

Heavily damaged by the earthquakes of 1783 and 1908, it was renovated and divided to be intended for public use. In 1913, the most superior part was closed to accommodate the lighthouse. Today, open to the public, it's home to the "Regional Center for the Recovery of Historical Calabrian Centers" and hosts exhibitions and conventions. The building has an irregular plan, retains overall the homogeneous configuration of a fortress with curtain walls, towers and loopholes. The entrance is preceded by a bridge leading to the portal, with pointed arch, on which stand out the coat of arms of the Ruffo family. After passing the entrance hall there is a courtyard, and from here, along the grand staircase, it reach the entrance of the residence.

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