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Apr 17, 2024 9:04 AM

Chianalea of Scilla, one of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", derives its name from "Plan of Galea" (ancient boat fishing for swordfish), but it's also called "Canalea" or "Little Venice", because of the fishermen's houses lying directly on the water, separated by narrow channels and inlets. Among the narrow streets of Chianalea it can discover ancient fountains, such as "Ruffo Fountain" of the sixteenth century (with the arms of the noble family), the "Fountain of three Channels", with masks and decorations (1610), and the fountain "The Canalello" (or "St. Clemente"). 

Among the most important historic buildings: the churches of St. Mary of Porto Salvo and St. Joseph; Zagari Palace, an eclectic building of 1933; the twentieth-century Villa Zagari, today "National Monument" dedicated to Giuseppe Zagari (Doctor and scientist, 1863-1946). The economy of the small village, as well as on tourism, is based on swordfish fishing, star of the local culinary tradition: the only creature, according to the legend, unable to feel horror at the sea monster Scylla. Lying at the foot of the imposing fortress dominated by the Ruffo Castle, Chianalea offers romantic views and unforgettable sunsets over the Straits.

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