Where to do rafting in Calabria

Do you dream of descending a river through rapids in an unsinkable dinghy? Rafting is the sporting holiday for you!

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Sport and nature

Do you dream of descending a river through rapids in an unsinkable dinghy? Rafting is the sporting holiday for you!

Follow us, we'll take you rafting in Calabria on the Lao river, in the province of Cosenza. The perfect place to enjoy an adrenalin-filled experience in contact with nature, ideal for both beginners and professionals in the discipline.

Rafting on the Lao River

Imagine a valley set among rocks and furrowed by a crystal-clear river. We are in the Lao River Valley, in the territory of the Pollino National Park.

Rafting on the Lao river is an unforgettable experience, suitable for everyone: professionals and beginners, groups of friends and families, accompanied by an expert guide. Because of its characteristics, the Lao river, whose name recalls the ancient Greek colony of Laos, is a favourite destination for rafting enthusiasts in Calabria and canoeing, that is, for all those who, braving the rapids in safety, wish to appreciate nature and the mountainous territory in an original way.

The Lao Valley Nature Reserve offers the opportunity to go rafting on the Lao River with suitable equipment and precise instructions. A unique experience, also open to children (from 4 years of age accompanied by adults).

Rafting Lao
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Before flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea, the river passes through the territories of Laino Borgo, Laino Castello, Papasidero, Orsomarso, Santa Domenica Talao, Santa Maria Del Cedro and Scalea ("Lao villages"). There is the possibility of rafting in Laino Borgo and rafting in Papasidero, while also visiting the beautiful surroundings of these areas.

What is there to see? The excursions and trekking activities on the Pollino offer extraordinary opportunities to visit: from the Palaeolithic site of the famous Romito Cave to the discovery of works of art, handicrafts ("Road of ancient crafts") and typical flavours.

Rafting in the Raganello Gorge

The other unmissable rafting location in Calabria is the Raganello Gorge Nature Reserve. Rafting in the Raganello Gorge means enjoying an equally impressive naturalistic scenery, a variation on the previous descent but still immersed in the rocky gorges of the Pollino.

The Raganello river ploughs a real canyon through the rocky walls, 17 km long: from the Source of the Lamia to the village of Civita, where the characteristic Devil's Bridge stands. Rafting in the Raganello Gorge is truly an adrenalin-pumping choice. Due to its conformation, the canyon is divided by experts into two parts: High Gorges and Low Gorges.

Gole del Raganello
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The Raganello watercourse runs through the territories of San Lorenzo Bellizzi, Civita and Cerchiara di Calabria, three municipalities with very interesting features to discover.

Some highlights? Those who choose to go rafting in Civita will have the opportunity to discover one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy in the province of Cosenza, as well as one of the Arbëreshë centres in Calabria (an Italo-Albanian ethnic minority); while those who pass through Cerchiara di Calabria, in addition to the excellent homemade bread with the De.Co. mark (which gives it the title of "Bread City"), can visit the enchanting Shrine of the Madonna delle Armi, one of the most important Marian shrines in the region.


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