Skiing in Sila and other winter sports

Skiing and winter sports in the Sila National Park

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Sport and nature

Did you know that in addition to the sea, Calabria offers the beauty of its snow-capped mountains, in the middle of winter, and the possibility of skiing and all kinds of winter sports?

Get ready to enjoy your winter holiday in Calabria with the whole family and discover the most fun snow sports, for professionals or amateurs, starting with those offered by the Sila National Park.

Where to ski in Sila

In the Sila National Park, there are several ski slopes located mainly in the ski resort of Lorica, in the province of Cosenza.

We are located in the Silan municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore, a mountain hamlet of Lorica (1,314 m), known for its ski lifts that now, with the new cable car, take 1,500 people to the summit of Sila Grande in an hour.

Lorica enjoys a picturesque location, with the village arranged at the foot of Mount Botte Donato around the shores of Lake Arvo, a crystal-clear body of water that in winter turns into an enchanted setting.

Lago innevato
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Skiing in Lorica means 4 ski lifts, 20 km of slopes for alpine skiing in the Blue/Easy (10 km), Red/Medium (7 km) and Black/Difficult (3 km) categories, and 40 km of slopes for cross-country skiing, as well as the possibility of snowboarding.

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The other Sila resort in which to ski, taking advantage of an integrated ski pass, is the nearby Camigliatello Silano, near Lake Cecita.

The Camigliatello Silano ski resort has 2 ski lifts with closed cabins, and 2 alpine ski slopes (Blue and Red).

Both at the starting station, in the locality of Tasso (1,368 m), and at the arrival station, on Monte Curcio (1,765 m), there are comfortable huts with a bar, snack bar, first aid and facilities for families with children.

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Finally, in the Crotone Sila it is possible to ski in Villaggio Palumbo, a mountain hamlet in the municipality of Cotronei.

Amidst the evocative scenery of the Sila Plateau, Villaggio Palumbo is located on the shores of Lake Ampollino and offers skiers 2 chairlifts (one three-seater and one two-seater) and a ski lift that ascend Monte Gariglione (1,765 m) serving various slopes, both Red and Blue, for a total length of 20 km with programmed snow and night lighting.

The little ones and lovers of snow sports will be enraptured by the fun of the Snowpark and the Mareneve School Camp.

Villaggio Palumbo
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Other winter sports in Sila

In the same locations of the 3 Sila ski resorts and in other places in the Sila National Park, on the Catanzaro side, it is possible to practice other pleasant winter sports, first and foremost snowboarding.

How can one not give in, for example, to the temptation of a nice snowshoeing tour in Sila?

Strap on your snowshoes and set off along the Silan snowshoe trails that cross some of the park's most beautiful terrain. Under the expert supervision of the Silan environmental guides, it is possible to snowshoe during the day and at night, on routes ranging from 4 to 6 km (also accessible to children), with lunch or dinner on arrival.

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There is no shortage of skating rinks in Sila, or the possibility of sledging, snowmobiling and quad biking in the snow and around the lakes.

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