Valle del Fiume Lao Nature Reserve


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Lao river, whose name recalls ancient Greek colony of Laos, crosses the territories of Pollino National Park, flowing through the year round and winding spectacular gorges that open along Lao Valley and Lao villages: Aieta, Buonvicino, Grisolia, Maierà, Orsomarso, Papasidero, San Nicola Arcella, Santa Domenica Talao and Verbicaro. 

For such features Lao river is privileged destination for rafting and canoeing enthusiasts who, challenging the rapids, can enjoy the beauty of uncontaminated landscape that characterizes Lao Valley Natural Reserve. Excursions, organized by experienced guides, give unforgettable emotions and include hiking on Pollino, discovering the mountains and historic towns with their works of art, handcrafts ("Road of Old Trades") and traditional foods.

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Riserva Naturale Valle del Fiume Lao, Papasidero
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