First of May in Calabria, suggested destinations

What to do on 1st May in Calabria: sea, mountains and events in the city
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Art and Culture

Are you looking for ideas for spending First of May in Calabria? You will be spoilt for choice! Follow our advice and organise the out-of-town trip that's right for you!

Are you a nature lover? Then your 1st of May in Calabria can only be an excursion in the open air, in a region that is an explosion of spring blossoms, discovering the 3 national parks and nature reserves, coastal and marine protected areas, or a trip to the lake by bike or on horseback.

If, on the other hand, your passion is authentic villages and "ghost towns," you can take advantage of the First of May in Calabria to take a tour of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and those that are less well-known but rich in traditions, typical products, and hospitality.

Finally, if you have decided to spend First of May in Calabria in the city, you can choose from dozens of events, urban trekking and guided tours, concerts and events in the squares where fun is guaranteed.

First of May in Calabria among the most beautiful villages

Would you like to experience a 1st of May in Calabria among the villages and small hilltop towns? We suggest you immerse yourself in the relaxed and timeless atmosphere that these jewels offer.

Spending the First of May in Calabria among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy is the right choice for couples and families alike. It is an unmissable opportunity to savour not only the typical products of local food and wine, but also the hospitality of accommodation facilities that have made sustainability and "slow living" their way of life. 

Santa Severina
Regione Calabria

For the more "daring" and lovers of ancient legends, we recommend a First of May in Calabria to discover "ghost towns", the so-called abandoned "ghost cities", where you can come across fantastic stories and new inhabitants, pioneers of "return tourism", happy to share their forms of resilience with visitors.

Looking for a Calabrian village in which to celebrate the struggles of workers and the sacrifice of those who fought? The village of Melissa (KR) is waiting for you to commemorate together the Fallen of Fragalà, in the famous "Massacre of Melissa" (1949), at the Research Centre of Peasant Struggles. 

Have you ever heard of the "Longevity Villages"? They are rare in Italy, but visiting them is a real panacea, as a source of inspiration for living long and healthy lives. Here we have one, Bivongi (RC). If you want to discover the secret of eternal youth, visiting it on 1st of May in Calabria may be a good idea.

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1st of May in Calabria among national and regional parks

If you choose to spend 1st of May in Calabria under the sign of nature, we recommend a series of excursions (both guided and independent) in Calabria's 3 national parks and the numerous regional reserves and WWF oases in the area.

Discovering the national parks in Calabria during an out-of-town excursion is a regenerating experience for the whole family. From the Pollino National Park to the Aspromonte National Park, passing through the Sila National Park, you will have the opportunity to discover endless trekking trails, observe rare species of flora and fauna, and practice outdoor sports.

Cammino di San Francesco
Cammino di San Francesco

Some examples? You can cross the parks on foot or by bicycle along the available paths and cycle routes, in particular the Parks Cycle Route. To celebrate your 1st of May in Calabria, have you decided to treat yourself and your family to an unforgettable experience? Fly over Calabria's parks with a hot-air balloon flight! Want to relax with a traditional picnic in Calabria? Choose the lakeside trip.

Are you a sea lover? Plan your 1st of May outing in Calabria's fragrant coastline, hunting for marine reserves, quiet coves and Blue Flags.

First of May in Calabria in the city, between events and museums 

"City types" celebrate the 1st of May in Calabria among the events and places of art and culture in the main cities.

A tour of the provincial capitals, in search of events in the squares, concerts, 1 May fairs in Calabria and typical food and wine tastings can be a great idea for spending this festive day as a couple, with family and friends.

If your destination is Cosenza, we suggest an urban trek to discover the most representative places of contemporary art in the city. If you are spending the First of May in Catanzaro, you can organise your urban trek through the alleys of the historic centre, or inquire about the opening of the "Catanzaro Underground". Crotone, offers a tour of the "Pythagorean places" in the city; while Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria are perfect for those who want to combine archaeology and the sea in one trip.

Lamezia museo
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