Calabria Parks Cycle Route: 545 km of wonder

Discover Calabria by bike with the Calabria Parks Cycle Route
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Sport and nature

Are you a lover of cycling? Imagine crossing the green heart of Calabria with your inseparable bike.

A unique experience, in close contact with nature, which along 545 km of authentic wonder will make you discover the soul of the region with the best air in Europe.

This and much more along the Calabria Parks Cycle Route, a route for nature and sport lovers, which crosses the splendor of 3 National Parks and 1 Regional Park, in addition to the numerous Protected Areas along the way, each with its own peculiarities of flora and fauna.

The Calabria Parks Cycle Route crosses the Calabria region on the Apennine ridge for an area of ​​about 350,000 hectares, with a landscape heritage that combines the biodiversity of the territory and local endemisms with breathtaking views, overlooking the sea, and the charm of the ancients inhabited still in the mountain.

Cycling between Aspromonte, Sila, Pollino and the Serre along the Calabria Cycle Route is an authentic experience of discovery, marked by the slow pace of the beauty that surrounds you.

Pedaling you will find yourself and the breath of nature, in perfect harmony with the values ​​of sustainable tourism and respecting the historic villages, which look out over the sea from the heights.

Set the bike itinerary according to your interests, stopping in places of history and art, in those of faith and slow living, or to discover good food and wine, stopping at your leisure where you feel the call of your heart.

Discover by yourself the added value that allowed the Calabria Parks Cycle Route to win the Italian Cycling Tourism Oscar 2021 with the following motivation:

"A project to enhance sustainable tourism and slow mobility, focused on four wonderful and intact protected areas and on villages and towns that embody the Calabrian spirit. The Calabria Parks Cycle Route also represents a valid example of integrated communication, for the 'excellent organization and the ability to present the itinerary and the territory through the multilingual website and social channels".

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