The village of angels



The history of Badolato deserves to be told. Risen to the headlines in the '70s for an article that painted it as a "land for sale", Badolato became famous in the' 90s thanks to a policy of welcoming and recovery of historic buildings which today gather the results.
Today Badolato is a popular destination for foreigners from northern Europe, who have decided to take their home in the village and use it as a “buen retiro” for their holidays.
Badolato has become a country hotel, to offer visitors the true experience of Calabria.
In recent years Badolato has also become a "country-hotel", thanks to several tourist entrepreneurs who have decided to work in the network to provide visitors the'experience of Calabria “more real”, which is not only holidays but also transmission of emotions and styles of life. The heart of this reality is kept in the historic center and extends to the coast with active services to the small tourist port, "The Bocche of Gallipari" .

Welcome as a lifestyle

The theme of 'welcome is always in the focus of speeches on Badolato, to the point that the great German director Wim Wenders decided to make in these places part of his film in 3D "Flight", based on a story of integration between people of different origin that in Badolato has found the right dimension.

The village

Badolato is a charming medieval village characterized by a Byzantine structure with numerous churches arranged in the shape of a Latin cross and many characteristic alleys.Located in a strategic position of the Calabrian territory, offering visitors the chance to enjoy in all dimensions of magnificent nature surroundings, between the sea, hills, mountains and lake.

The Via Crucis

A special mention deserve the evocative religious ceremonies that prepare the advent of Easter: millennia of popular history, religiosity and traditions concentrated in a few hours.On the Holy Saturday the preparations for the 'long-awaited revival of the Via Crucis through the entire village, thanks to the involvement of more than 200 dressed up people spread among the narrow streets and squares.

To see with eyes, soul and heart.

Wine & Food

Not to be missed the gastronomic experience in the characteristic “catoj”, old restored wine cellars where you can taste typical local dishes at zero kilometer seasonal products.

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