San Giovanni di Gerace



San Giovanni di Gerace is a small village located in the hilly region of the Ionian area  in the Province of  Reggio Calabria. It is an ancient town with a single settlement characterized by charming alleyways and narrow streets, that lies deep in a valley surrounded by olive groves. The 19th century Shrine of Madonna delle Grazie stands in the upper area of the town; all the roads lead to this particular location overlooking the village that seems to bow down before the Shrine, one of the main religious buildings dedicated to the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Locride area. In the mountain district of San Giovanni di Gerace there is a nature area called "La Scialata", the trailhead of a popular trekking trail (the Scialata trail also called the Torrente Levadìo trail, after the name of the stream that runs along the trail). Local food products, particularly traditional cold cuts, and various summer cultural events make San Giovanni di Gerace a very attractive destination for visitors who are enthusiasts for nature and good living. 

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