The Achaean Coast


The Achaean Coast, is a clear reference to the Achaean presence in the area and the foundation of the ancient colony of Sybaris, it stretches along 150 km of coastline in the wide Plain of Sybaris, it is located among the mighty massif and reliefs of the Pollino at north and the last foothills of the Sila Greca at south. It is crossed by innumerable torrential rivers. The beaches of the Ionian Calabria, dominated by the imposing Pollino, offer a spectacular scenery. The whole area of the Plain of Sibari was subjected to excavations that allowed the recuperation of valuable remains of the past, especially in the indigenous site of Enotri di Francavilla Marittima, the ancient Cossa in località Paludi, and also in Sybaris, which was an important Magna Graecia colony and the home of the Archaeological Park that bears the same name. The northern part of the Achaean Coast is situated among the seaside resorts of Roseto Capo Spulico, Marina Amendolara and Trebisacce. Since 2006, Rocca Imperiale has been awarded two sails and has been included in the prestigious Blue Guide of Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club. Touched for 7 km by the waters of the Ionian Sea which alternates up to the border of Lucano, beaches of rocks, pebbles and fine golden sand, the marina of Rocca Imperiale, at 4 km from the historic centre, is a favourite destination for beach tourism. Historically relevant are the massive warehouse, built in 1731 by the Duke Fabio Crivelli and the 16th century Watchtower, both of them are a tangible testimony of Rocca Imperiale as a maritime and commercial centre. At Roseto, the satellite city of Sybaris during the Magna Graecia period, roses were cultivated and the petals were used for the Sybaritic mattresses. Since 2009, Roseto has been included in the Blue Guide, with two sails for tourism accommodations and three stars for environmental protection and the state of conservation of the landscape, also in 2010, Roseto was awarded two sails by the same Guide. The beautiful and charming town is also known for the Castrum Petrae Roseti, Castello della Pietra di Roseto, a fortified castle, among the most imposing of Calabria, erected to defend the coast of the High Ionian Cosentino. The medieval castle overlooking the sea, dates back to the Norman period (13th century) and it is a place of cultural interest at a national level. Sybaris is one of the most popular seaside towns of the Achaean Coast. It has numerous resorts that offer many activities and services. At a distance of several kilometres, the fine sand alternates with gravel and stones; typical accommodations offer fantastic facilities close to the sea or in the coolness of the pine forests. Of great importance are the Sybaris Lakes, an area along the coast that is more than 420,000 square meters and has 2,800 berths for the housing and maintenance of vessels. Schiavonea, Rossano Scalo, with the largest and most famous aqua park located in Zolfara, the historic Amarelli liquorice factory and the museum that bears the same name are worth a visit.

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