Bagnara Calabra

Bagnara, the land of everlasting spring

Bagnara is a former fishing village whose main catch was, for centuries, tuna.

Even now, people walking along the seafront can admire the picturesque brightly coloured wooden fishing boats which fill the little port in summer.

Very white beaches that lap a stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea with shallow waters and crystal clear waters.

Bagnara rises above the sea on an amphitheatre-shaped coast in the heart of the Costa Viola, between the hills of Aspromonte and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The little town rises from the lowest part, the Marina, up to the hilly areas, reaching a height of 600 metres above sea level and is so shaped that the sea can be seen from all points. Bagnara is well-known for the dazzling white beaches of a shallow stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea with crystal-clear water, perfect for family holidays with children and people who just want to spend their time on the beach in one of the many lidos. The scenery becomes wilder further north and is better suited to diving fans - the slopes of Aspromonte plunge into the Tyrrhenian creating wonderful submarine spectacles, such as the natural grottoes which can be visited by tourists or underwater fishing fans. The landscape changes considerably to the north of the port and the wonderful beach gives way to the harshness of the mountains, embraced by the earth and the sea. The natural grottoes are fascinating with the Grotta del Monaco and Grotta delle Rondini, popular summer destinations of boat trips and the ideal place for underwater fishing, standing out. In this part of the coast, the reflection of the sun on the rocks reverberates on the sea, colouring the seabed blue-violet, hence its name Costa Viola.

Old town

Don’t miss a trip to the old centre to see the perfectly preserved Castello Ducale Ruffo, home to exhibitions and cultural events. The Carmine Church, one of the oldest buildings in Bagnara, is also noteworthy; its façade is covered in Syracuse stone modelled in a neoclassical style. Garibaldi’s Fountain is also worth a visit; it’s built at the spring where, according to legend, General Garibaldi quenched his thirst during his travels. Last, but by no means least, there’s the Torre Ruggiero, or Capo Rocchi, a 7-metre diameter tower which gives a marvellous view of the Strait of Messina.

The Bagnarote

The people of Bagnara have always been fishermen. You can see the Bagnarote, women who sell freshly caught fish, along the road running by the sea. There are now far fewer women selling fish in this way but the Bagnarota remains the symbol of the true Bagnara woman. The Bagnarote, attractive and strong, carried a large wicker basket full of fresh fish, ready for sale in the markets around Bagnara, on their heads. Every evening, the railway station was full of these women, who waited patiently for the trains that would take them home to the inland and coastal villages where they would then take care of their homes and children. 

Bagnara Calabra Nougat PGI

More than other sectors, the cakes and sweets of the local gastronomy reflect the Arab, Turkish and Oriental domination in general. Bagnara Calabra nougat is a very well-known typical speciality. It’s prepared in traditional small rectangular or round shapes and is white, chocolate or glacé covered. The ‘bacetto’ is a pyramid-shaped piece of nougat covered in dark chocolate and is really special. 

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