Santo Stefano d'Aspromonte

Santo Stefano d'Aspromonte, skiing while surrounded by the sea


Santo Stefano in Aspromonte is a mountain village perched on a rocky spur of the fiumara of Gallico, on the Tyrrhenian mountainous side of the province of Reggio Calabria. The area, a distinctly tourist destination, is particularly interesting in terms of landscape and environment, both at lower altitudes, which are predominantly rural, as in higher, more cleared peaks and specially those recommended for summer and winter stays. The area boasts typical features of mountain landscapes: neat and tidy pathways, with many stairways (leading from one level to another) clean air as well as woodsheds. The historic centre is rich in fascinating nooks and crannies: steep staircases, well-maintained noble palaces, feature fountains, houses built on a gradient and narrow alleyway from where it is possible to glimpse amazing landscapes.

The town, which falls within the area of the Aspromonte National Park is renowned for its natural beauty and is a preferred destination for many tourists all year round.

The ski slopes of Gambarie offer an unforgettable experience as we glide along the Aspromonte with the sea overlooking the horizon.

The area's vegetation is mainly made up by olive trees and chestnut trees, up to a thousand metres high, surpassed by beech, pine and fir trees. The tourist winter and summer resort of Gambarie can be found at an altitude of 1300 metres; it is extremely popular and quite crowded all year round. At Santo Stefano in Aspromonte it is possible to visit the remains of the ancient Basilian Abbey of San Giovanni a Castaneto and the cave of San Silvestro. The centre is renowned for its production of oil, cereals and fruit; walking through its woods, it is possible to gather mushrooms and tasty chestnuts in autumn.

Gambarie d’Aspromonte

The ski station of Gambarie, southern Italy’s first, is situated in the very heart of the National Park of Aspromonte; a protected area among the most important in Italy, both due to its size and value in terms of nature, fauna and landscape. A presence that adds to the already numerous opportunities and leisure offers of the area of Santo Stefano in Aspromonte. In 1956 the first chairlift with nearby ski slopes was launched in the south, which followed the emergence of numerous small activities and works that have turned Gambarie d'Aspromonte into a true ski resort, especially renowned for a unique feature: the possibility of carrying skis and allowing us to indulge on the slopes as our gaze drifts out the sea with mount Etna overlooking the horizon. Gambarie d'Aspromonte continues to retain intact its prerogatives as the perfect symbiosis with nature and small nearby town centres, among pine and beech woods inhabited by typical squirrel grey squirrels with a white belly. The above simple combination explains the uniqueness of Gambarie, nestled in extraordinary surroundings that allows to be discovered little by little, behind a ridge, beyond a forest, on the banks of a lively stream. 
Do not miss the opportunity to hike up to the summit of Monte Scirocco, climbing and walking along some paths from which it overlooks with its gaze a breathtaking openness which embraces the Strait and Costa Viola up to Scilla.


The local cuisine enhances the dishes of the Calabrian mountain tradition; ideal for unwinding after a long day spent on the slopes of Gambarie. Specialities based on mushrooms, game, cheese and meat; strictly fresh local produce, obtained from the area's livestock and farmland. In addition, various seasonal events linked to the gastronomy of the location take place from “Autunno Gastronomico” Gastronomic Autumn) to the “Sagra dei Maccheroni di casa” (Home-made Maccheroni Festival).

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