Melito di Porto Salvo

Melito di Porto Salvo, the point of strat of Italian Unification


Melito di Porto Salvo is a municipality of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria. It is the Southernmost town of Calabria and mainland Italy, excluding the islands. Its name derives from the Greek potamos tou Melitos , i.e. "river of honey". The nickname instead refers to the nearby shrine of Santa Maria di Porto Salvo, aptly named as it offered shelter to boats. Even if the origins of the village have not yet been clarified, it is documented that until the seventeenth century the history of Melito di Porto Salvo is identified with that of the hamlet of Pentedattilo. 
According to local history, the town was without a doubt inhabited during the late Roman era, even if evidence of this occurrence comes only from the findings concerning a 5th-6th-century necropolis in the most ancient part of the town.

It was also assumed that during this period, the area was a stopping site where travellers from Reggio Calabria to Locri could stop and rest.

On Melito’s Rumbolo beach on 19 August 1860, the landing of “The One Thousands” took place. Led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, this was the first stage of the historical expedition.

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