Where to practice meditation and mindfulness in Calabria

Discover where to do mindfulness in Calabria and other experiences that bring body and mind back into harmony
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The breath slows down, the body melts and the mind gets in touch with the deepest part of oneself. This is the sense of well-being that is achieved through the practice of mindfulness in Calabria.

But what exactly is mindfulness? Literally consciousness, this discipline teaches us to be present to ourselves and what is happening around us, in a flow that includes gestures, smells, sounds, thoughts and sensations.

Do you want to find out where to do mindfulness in Calabria and other experiences that bring body and mind back into harmony? Follow us to discover the places where this kind of discipline is practised, for a regenerating holiday.

Meditation in Cosenza

If you are looking for a meditation experience in Cosenza and its province, know that there is a varied offer of specialised centres and teachers capable of guiding you in this practice with professionalism.

These are almost always group activities that allow one to rediscover a balanced relationship with others as well as oneself. Some examples? Among the most interesting proposals  of meditation in Cosenza and mindfulness in Calabria are those based on the realisation of collective mandàla.

An ancient oriental practice, in use mainly by Buddhist and Hindu monks, the mandàla consists of the creation of a circular figure (often symbolising the sun or moon) evoking the principle of origin and change of the universe. There are many techniques and materials to make it and the result is always an extraordinary work of art.

Mandala meditazione
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Several meditation centres in Cosenza also propose the vocal approach to mantra, or the repetition of particular sounds and words that have the power to "unblock" the body's energy centres, bringing attention to the vibrations and breath in which they resonate. Whether individual or group, mantra infuses an immediate benefit to those who practice it.

The most suitable places for meditation in Cosenza? Among the city parks in the centre, certainly the beautiful Villa Vecchia. Spacious and well-kept, this villa is among the city's historic gardens and offers perfect views for meditation.

Mindfulness in Catanzaro

If, on the other hand, you are looking for the right place to practise mindfulness in Catanzaro and the surrounding area, to stay on the subject of public gardens, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park is one of the best-kept and best-equipped green areas in Calabria.

It is a large garden in the heart of the capital, where you can immerse yourself in mindfulness and meditation sessions in the meadows, walking along paths dotted with contemporary art installations, or simply getting in touch with the flora and fauna around you.

Parco della Biodiversità Catanzaro
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The practice of mindfulness in Catanzaro can also be found in specialised centres that offer courses tailored to each individual's wellbeing needs: there are specific ones for managing daily stress, aimed at children, teenagers and even experiences to share with your pet.

Meditation and mindfulness in Calabria: other ideas

Have you ever heard of "Shinrin-Yoku"? Among the most beautiful meditation and mindfulness activities in Calabria is the so-called "Forest Bath" (literally).

Born in Japan in 1982 to combat the stress of working in the city, Shinrin-Yoku has spread all over the world as an immersive practice in the green. "Forest bathing" means getting in touch with nature in a totally conscious way, respecting our biorhythm and the ecosystem.

Where can this particular mindfulness technique be practised in Calabria? Obviously in the woods of the 3 national parks and in the 19 reserves and protected areas located throughout the region.

Try mindfulness activities in Calabria and discover the psychophysical benefits that these precious disciplines bring to the body and immune system.

An original way of experiencing nature and space for a holiday full of wellbeing!

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