Rai New Year's Eve in Crotone and Sila, the top event 2023/24

Find out more about the Rai New Year's Eve event in Crotone

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Feb 14, 2024 11:27 AM

The countdown has begun! Ready to experience the great New Year's Eve event in Calabria?

The city of Crotone and the forests of the Sila National Park will be the setting for New Year's Eve in Calabria 2024 with an additional Crotone-Sila bus service for those who want to enjoy the Rai New Year's Eve concert in the city and spend New Year's Day on the ski slopes.

New Year's Eve in Crotone and New Year's Day in Sila

New Year's Eve 2024 will be celebrated live on RAI from Crotone. "L'Anno che Verrà", the customary Rai New Year's Eve concert hosted by Amadeus, this year makes a stop in Calabria, in the city of Crotone.

The rich programme sees the big names of Italian music, from Annalisa to Patty Pravo, alternating on the stage of Crotone's New Year's Eve, in the central Piazza Pitagora, for an evening of fun and beauty.

A city of the sea, art, culture and archaeology, Crotone awaits you to toast the end of the year in a packed square, which at the stroke of midnight is lit up by a fireworks display.

Fuochi d'artificio
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Afterwards, the party moves to the Crotone Seafront, which for the entire night will come alive as a huge open-air disco, in the presence of the big names of the national DJ set. What better way than dawn on the Ionian Sea to greet New Year 2024 together?

The great event of the RAI New Year's Eve concert in Crotone is the perfect opportunity to visit the "City of Pythagoras", which offers a cultural itinerary dedicated to its philosopher at the Pythagorean Park, which includes the Pythagorean Museum and Gardens, and to the splendour of the ancient Greek city of Kroton, recounted through the exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum of Crotone and the Archaeological Park of Capo Colonna.

Capo colonna
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Don't miss a visit to the Castle of Charles V, home to the Civic Museum and Municipal Library, and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

How does New Year's Day 2024 in Calabria continue?

Moving quickly from the sea to the mountains, a special bus service takes you from the beautiful Ionian coast of Crotone directly to the ski slopes in Sila, to the most renowned ski resorts in the province of Cosenza: Lorica and Camigliatello Silano.

Crotone-Sila: New Year's Eve 2024 races and services in Calabria

Spending New Year's Eve 2024 in Sila from Crotone has never been easier!

A special connection service, with additional runs throughout the period between the city and the ski resorts in Sila Grande, makes it possible to combine the New Year's Eve concert in Crotone with New Year's Eve on the slopes in Sila.

A ride takes you to the municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore, where you can visit the famous Florense Abbey founded by the philosopher Joachim of Fiore, then to the mountain hamlet of Lorica (1,314 m), known for its ski and ski-lift facilities but also for the beauty of Lake Arvo, around which there are excellent accommodation facilities, chalets and spas.

Trekking and lakeside excursions are possible in all seasons, with or without snow, as are horse riding and wildlife observation.

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The second route is to Camigliatello Silano, a ski resort in the municipality of Spezzano della Sila, connected to the previous one by an integrated ski pass system.

The resort is located near Lake Cecita and offers a festive atmosphere on Via Roma, amidst workshops and typical shops where you can taste Patata della Sila PGI and Caciocavallo Silano PDO.

Don't miss the Narrating Museum of Emigration "Nave della Sila".

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