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Feb 16, 2024 10:27 AM

Spring in Calabria is a season to experience, with activities in close contact with nature and wellness experiences for body and mind.

The low season in Calabria offers truly unexpected opportunities for sightseeing and active holidays, off the beaten track of mass tourism and the summer rush to seaside resorts.

Slow living experiences, excursions and family packages for a trip out of town, a weekend in nature or a real holiday in Calabria.

Doing yoga by the sea

The first "spring wellness" proposal in Calabria is aimed at yoga enthusiasts and, in general, oriental and meditative disciplines to be practised outdoors.

There are many locations that offer yoga courses by the sea. The Ionian villages of the so-called Riviera degli Angeli, in the province of Catanzaro, offer various opportunities for yoga by the sea and in century-old olive groves in the hills.

Badolato, for example, one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages, has been promoting this type of course for years in conjunction with the seasonal active holiday, which also allows participants to try their hand at picking fruit, vegetables and wild herbs to be processed and transformed on site into real handmade goodness.


Other possibilities for yoga holidays by the sea in Calabria include the Marine Protected Area of Isola Capo Rizzuto and Le Castella (KR), the beach of Marina dell'Isola in Tropea (VV) - also Blue Flag among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy - Marina Grande in Scilla (RC) and the Cosenza nature areas of Isola di Dino in Praia a Mare and San Nicola Arcella, with the beach of Arcomagno.

Pet therapy for the whole family

Are you an animal lover and pet holidaymaker? Calabria welcomes your "four-legged family" in a series of well-equipped and dedicated locations (pet beaches, dog areas, etc.), as well as offering pet-friendly holiday experiences.

From birdwatching to spotting the Sila wolf, via horse and donkey rides, your nature and wildlife watching holiday offers endless possibilities.

Spring is the perfect season for birdwatching in naturalistic locations along migratory routes: the WWF Oasis of Lake Angitola, in the province of Vibo Valentia, is one of them.

Do you love birds of prey? Don't miss the experience of meeting them and flying them in the Pollino National Park, in Civita (CS).

Lago Angitola
Vincenzo Stranieri

Are you on holiday in Calabria with children and want to give them a pet tourism experience? Discover all the educational farms in the region from north to south, with a focus on those practising donkey breeding and excursions.

If, on the other hand, you simply want to discover Calabria with your four-legged friend, all you have to do is find out about the many accommodation facilities that accept animals and have areas specifically dedicated to their well-being, such as dog beaches and pet-friendly tourist facilities.

Grotte di Cassano
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Spas in Calabria in spring

Last but not least, a wellness proposal in Calabria concerning the main Calabrian spas.

There's nothing better than getting ready for summer with a series of ad hoc beauty and clinical treatments, discovering spas in Calabria in spring.

From north to south, the most famous Calabrian spas are:

  • Terme Sibarite (CS)
  • Terme di Spezzano (CS)
  • Terme Luigiane (CS)
  • Terme di Caronte (CZ)
  • Terme di Galatro (RC)
  • Terme di Antonimia – Locri (RC).

The spas in the province of Cosenza stretch from the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian Sea, passing through the Sila National Park.

The Terme Sibarite, as the name suggests, are located in the Piana di Sibari, in Cassano all'Ionio, a locality already appreciated in Magna Graecia times (colony of Sibari). In addition to the specialised spa, which uses sulphurous water and mud, a visit to the Grotte delle Ninfe is recommended.

The Terme di Spezzano spa park in Spezzano Albanese covers about 10 hectares. The spa was established in 1923 and its treatments specialise in the treatment of liver diseases, as well as wellness and relaxation proposals.

Lastly, the Terme Luigiane in Acquappesa-Guardia Piemontese, rise within a thermal park equipped with a wellness centre, hotels, restaurants and services of all kinds.

Terme Luigiane
Terme Luigiane 

As far as the province of Catanzaro is concerned, the main reference is certainly the Terme di Caronte complex in Lamezia Terme. The area, in the locality of Sambiase, includes both the natural pools accessible free of charge all year round, and the establishment proper, where one can enjoy relaxing and wellness treatments for the body or health therapies.

The province of Reggio Calabria is home to the Terme di Galatro, on the banks of the Metramo river, and the Terme di Antonimina - Locri.

The Terme di Galatro, with renowned curative properties, are said to have been discovered between the 8th and 9th centuries by the Basilian monks of the Monastery of Sant'Elia, in a beautiful valley. The Terme di Antonimina - Locri, also known as "Acque Sante Locresi", are indicated for the treatment of the skin, joints and respiratory system.