Tour of Calabrian starred restaurants

Starred Calabria, an itinerary among gourmet restaurants

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Food and wine

Calabrian cuisine, it is known, is one of the good reasons to choose the region as an ideal holiday destination, especially those with gourmet dishes and starred restaurants.

If you have a refined palate, we take you on a discovery of Calabria's starred restaurants from north to south, from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian Sea across the hinterland.

An itinerary of taste that enhances the excellence of Calabrian food and wine through innovation and experimentation of new culinary frontiers, without ever abandoning tradition, identity and local sustainability.

Michelin-starred restaurants in Calabria

There are six starred restaurants in Calabria that boast the prestigious recognition of the Michelin Guide (updated to 2024). Each one of them displays 1 Michelin Star on its palmares and they work with care and commitment to maintain it and, who knows, join it with a second companion.

Michelin Stars shine in every province of Calabria and they satisfy all tastes, from the most refined to those in search of the authentic identity of a land on a plate. Here are the 6 starred restaurants in Calabria from north to south:

  • Hyle –  San Giovanni in Fiore (CS)
  • Dattilo – Strongoli (KR)
  • Abbruzzino – Catanzaro 
  • Luigi Lepore – Lamezia Terme (CZ)
  • Qafiz – Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte (RC)
  • Gambero Rosso – Marina di Gioiosa Ionica (RC)


Each of these restaurants brings a challenge and an innovation to the table, combining good Calabrian products, raw materials that are often 0 km, with the more daring and aesthetically tantalizing demands of contemporary cuisine.

Ristorante Dattilo
Studio Brambilla Serrani

The highlights of this stellar selection? Fresh fish and raw seafood are certainly one of the "musts" shared and interpreted with passion by the Calabrian chefs, who often combine them with earthy delicacies (seasonal vegetables and field herbs).

Praia Art Resort
Praia Art Resort

Maximum attention is paid to the use of Calabrian branded products (CDO/PDO and TGI/PGI), capable of reflecting the essence of the territory of origin and giving due prominence to the production chain that follows strict specifications. Some examples?

Local products and attractions

The provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro offer their starred restaurants the best of the two national parks within their borders: the Pollino National Park and the Sila National Park.

All it takes is an excursion into the woods (and undergrowths) surrounded by uncontaminated air and water to discover the "secret" raw materials of some excellent dishes: the Pollino Truffle, declined in 9 varieties, from the summer scorzone to the winter black one (moscato); the precious legumes of Mormanno (Fagiolo poverello and lentil), Salumi (cured meat) del Pollino and Sila PDO and PGI; prized breeds that live in a semi-wild state, such as the Podolica beef.

Ristorante Dattilo
Dattilo - Studio Brambilla Serrani

The king and queen of the mountain table cannot be missing: Caciocavallo Silano PDO and Patata Silana PGI.

The province of Crotone, which looks towards the Ionian coast, offers mid-coast and seafood specialities that enhance some of the Traditional Agrifood Products (PAT), such as the ever-present Crotonese spicy sardella (the so-called 'nduja fish). Prince of the table, Pecorino Crotonese PDO.

Descending along the Ionian coast of Catanzaro, we encounter the fresh catch of the Gulf of Squillace, where the prized Soverato Red Shrimp is the king. On the opposite side, the Tyrrhenian Sea is an ideal habitat for sea urchins, stockfish and swordfish.

Praia Art Resort
Praia Art Resort

The mountainous hinterland of the Vibonese region offers the sweetness of Pecorino di Monte Poro PDO and porcini mushrooms from the Serre Regional Park.

Landing on the southernmost edge, Calabria's starred restaurants draw on the raw materials of the Aspromonte National Park and the Greek-Eastern tradition: from the Caprino dell'Aspromonte (PAT) to the unmistakable meat of the Suino Nero di Calabria (PAT), passing by the fragrant touch of the Bergamot di Reggio Calabria PDO along the coast.

Rounding out the star-studded menu are the numerous Calabrian CDO/TGI wines - in red, rosé and white variants, most of which are the result of valuable work to recover and valorise indigenous Calabrian grape varieties (Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Greco di Bianco, etc.) -, the Calabria PGI olive oil, the sun-kissed citrus fruits, honey, the fragrant Liquorice of Calabria PDO, fragrant homemade bread, the ever-present spicy touch and... Calabria is served, enjoy!

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