Easter Monday in Calabria: what to do and where to go

Some ideas for your Easter Monday in Calabria between sea, mountains and villages
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Tradition and folklore

Looking for an original idea for your Easter Monday in Calabria? You're in the right place!

Among the most fun traditional festivities, Easter Monday in Calabria is a "must" of conviviality to be spent in company, with picnics, both at the seaside and in the mountains, great binges in the name of typical cuisine, markets and events.

Let's discover together what to do on Easter Monday in Calabria and where to go on Easter Monday in Calabria through some proposals, from north to south, that satisfy all tastes.

What to do on Easter Monday in Calabria

There is no denying it, one of the must-do activities on Easter Monday in Calabria is undoubtedly the traditional picnic with friends. Whether with family or friends, by the sea or in the mountains, the Easter Monday outing is an appointment that cannot be turned down.

A true ritual, the Easter Monday picnic in Calabria follows a precise ceremonial, involving an inspection the day before (or at dawn on Easter Monday) by the most farsighted to secure the best spot, i.e. the table with the right exposure, grills and a nearby water source.

The Easter Monday menu in Calabria? It can range from traditional to more refined dishes, depending on the context and local specialities. If you opt for a barbecue in the mountains, we recommend accompanying your lunch with quality homemade products, such as the renowned Cerchiara Bread De.Co., PDO cured meats, cheeses and the inevitable Calabrian Easter sweets, among which the Cuzzùpa, a typical egg doughnut, stands out.

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Whether it takes place in the green Calabrian forests, on the beach, in a pine forest or in one of the many urban parks and gardens in the city, the Easter Monday outing in Calabria is the perfect opportunity to discover unspoilt natural places and enjoy hiking, horseback riding and many outdoor activities to suit your tastes.

What to do on Easter Monday in Calabria? If you are looking for original or adrenaline-pumping experiences, you can try various air sports, from paragliding to hot air ballooning; or try your hand at rafting and canoeing.

Are you the quiet type? Discover the typical Easter Monday fairs and markets in Calabria, such as the traditional Galilea Fair in Soverato (CZ), in the Bay of the Hippocampus on the Ionian coast.

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Where to go on Easter Monday in Calabria

If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of Easter Monday in Calabria to visit new places, we recommend a few places off the beaten track where you can go on Easter Monday in Calabria.

Nature lovers are spoilt for choice between national and regional parks and nature reserves, from Pollino to Aspromonte via Sila and Serre Vibonesi.

Between the mountains and the sea, at the halfway point, Calabria's marvellous medieval villages await you, many of which are part of the The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy circuit, "slow" villages, ethnic minorities or small ghost towns to be discovered at a slow pace, respecting the communities that have still chosen to inhabit them.

Slow tourism
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Fancy the sea and a daring first dive? The Calabrian coasts, from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian Sea, are the right places to go on Easter Monday in Calabria if you want an early taste of summer.

Discover the Calabrian sea in low season and organise a fish-based Easter Monday lunch in Calabria, ending Easter Monday with a walk along the shoreline, waiting for the sunset.


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