The Taurianova Flower Festival, an explosion of colours

The Taurianova Flower Festival and the large floral carpets in the streets of the centre
Infiorata di Taurianova (5)

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Tradition and folklore

Mar 6, 2024 8:43 AM

Calabria dresses in flowers and it wears its spring face in the province of Reggio Calabria, where the Infiorata of Taurianova comes to life.

This eagerly-awaited event, which every year renews its inspirational theme, leaves the field open to the imagination of the participants, who try their hand at producing veritable paintings of flowers under the artistic direction of experienced master florists from cities renowned for their historical flower festival, such as Noto (Sicily), Genzano e Gerano (Lazio).

The Taurianova Flower Festival does not bind participants to the representation of classical themes, but welcomes proposals of contemporary artistic works from various cultures and backgrounds, distinguishing itself by the originality of the infioramento.

Taurianova Flower Festival

The Taurianova Flower Festival was born in 2016 and it is now one of Calabria's best-loved late spring events.

Among the recognitions obtained, the Infiorata boasts the permanent exhibition of the Official Manifesto of the Infiorata at the Palazzo degli Stati Generali della Cultura "Pasquino Crupi" in Reggio Calabria.

Some numbers? Those who decide to visit Taurianova during the infiorata will find themselves in the presence of dozens of floral carpets in the streets of the city: the creation of the sketches, strictly created with plant elements, requires an average of 120,000 flowers, with an estimated total of around 2 million petals.

The event is an immersive experience, as well as intoxicating for the five senses, as visitors are called upon to "infiorare" and to experience the techniques and art of floristry under the supervision of great masters, taking part in what is intended to be a true moment of sharing and cultural exchange.

The Taurianova Flower Festival is a celebration for the whole town and it includes a series of side events and entertainment for young and old: workshops, themed meetings, guests, exhibitions, concerts, shows and free tastings of typical regional products freshly prepared by renowned chefs.

This fragrant and colourful "three days" ends on the final evening with a breathtaking dancing fountain show.

Infiorata di Taurianova
Regione Calabria

What to see in and around Taurianova

Lying at the foot of the Aspromonte ridge, Taurianova is one of the most important centres in the province of Reggio Calabria.

Its name recalls ancient Magna Graecia settlements: Nuova Taurianum and the colony of Tauriana, a city destroyed by a fierce Saracen raid, the remains of which can be seen at the Parco Archeologico dei Tauriani, in the nearby municipality of Palmi.

A must-see in the city is the Taurianova Cathedral in Piazza Macrì, a remarkable Romanesque building with a beautiful rose window on the façade flanked by two bell towers. Inside are valuable works of art, such as the wooden pulpit and the marble altar by Vincenzo Romeo.

In addition to the churches in the centre and the Capuchin Convent, Taurianova boasts the Monumental Cemetery of Radicena, a true "open-air museum" of great artistic importance.

Historical buildings include Villa Zerbi, a fine example of Sicilian Baroque built by architect Filippo Frangipane, and Palazzo Contestabile, the work of Vanvitelli's son.

You can't visit Taurianova for the infiorata? We suggest you do so in August, during the traditional and heartfelt Feast of Maria Santissima della Montagna, on the occasion of which "u 'mbitu" (the invitation) is held, an ancient Taurianovese tradition that "invites" the surrounding towns and villages to join in the festivities through an original rite, somewhere between the sacred and the profane.

What is typical to eat in Taurianova? Obviously the Balò di Ricotta, a traditional Taurianovese sweet that takes the form of a fried panzerotto, filled with sweetened ricotta and sprinkled with cinnamon.

A sightseeing itinerary around Taurianova includes the towns of Palmi, with its beautiful marina along the renowned Calabrian Costa Viola, and Seminara, the "City of Ceramics".

If you love contact with nature, we recommend an excursion to the Mundu and Galsia waterfalls, and then up the mountainside to discover the natural beauty of the Aspromonte National Park.

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