5 unmissable sea views in Calabria

Scenic viewpoints and overlooks: the 5 unmissable sea views
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Some have become an iconic image of Calabria, others remain more hidden and unseen, all offering the enchanting landscape of true "terraces on the sea".

These are Calabria's belvederes and panoramic overlooks, little squares and widenings that almost always open onto the vastness of the two seas, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian, onto the sunrises and sunsets that paint the horizon and the respective coastlines with more or less bright colours.

Let's face the beauty with the "Top 5" of Calabrian viewpoints from north to south!

1. Largo Torre in Fiumefreddo Bruzio (CS)

The medieval village of Fiumefreddo Bruzio, in the province of Cosenza, among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, is famous for the works with which the Sicilian artist Salvatore Fiume decided to pay homage to it in the 1970s: paintings and sculptures that embellish every corner of the hamlet, from the grandiose cycle of frescoes known as The Room of Desires, on the ruins of the Castle of the Valley, to the sculpture The Surf Girl, a monumental fountain located in the centre of Largo Torretta, one of the 3 panoramic views of the hamlet.

Largo Torretta takes its name from the presence of the ancient Clock Tower near the Town Hall (a former convent). The extraordinary 360° view from Fiumefreddo's viewpoint embraces a vast part of the Tyrrhenian coast.

Conceived as a defensive lookout point, it is characterised by the presence of so-called "distractors", architectural elements placed in a strategic position along the ancient parapet, to simulate the deceptive presence of sentries.

Largo Torretta
Regione Calabria

2. Belvedere of Melissa (KR)

In the province of Crotone, in the area renowned for the production of the excellent Melissa CDO wine, the view of the sea and vineyards is truly breathtaking from the top of the ancient village of Melissa, "Land of Bees and Honey".

The panoramic terrace, in the heart of the old town, faces the marina and the architectural symbol of this fascinating area, Torre Melissa. A bastion in first defence of the coast, facing the Ionian beach that characterises a Mediterranean landscape, dotted with vines, olive trees and prickly pears.

Torre Melissa
Regione Calabria

Worth visiting in the centre's alleyways are the "Palazzo Ferraro" Wine Museum, the Old Oil Mill and the Research Centre of the Peasant Struggle, which traces the tragic story of the "Massacre of Melissa".

3. "Two Seas" Viewpoint in Tiriolo (CZ)

There is a precise point in Calabria from which to enjoy the simultaneous vision of the two seas that bathe it, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. This panoramic point, not by chance called "Due Mari" (Two Seas), is located at the top of the historic centre of Tiriolo, in the province of Catanzaro.

Here one has the impression of going back in time and, as legend has it, retracing the coastline where Ulysses landed, the "Land of the Phaeacians", the realm of Alcinous and Nausica.

A visit to the ″Gianmartino″ Regional Archaeological Museum is sufficient to confirm the very ancient origin of these territories, where there is a section dedicated to the typical Calabrian costume of Tiriolo and its precious vancàli (traditional hand-woven stoles).

Regione Calabria

4. La Balconata (U Spundùni) in Pizzo Calabro (VV)

The extraordinary Costa degli Dei, in the province of Vibo Valentia, is certainly the best known for the number and variety of belvederes and panoramic views, above all the iconic and famous one that a few years ago the Sunday Times described as "the most beautiful view in the world", namely the Belvedere of Tropea (among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy) that looks out over the cliff with the Shrine of Santa Maria dell'Isola.

Moving a little further on, in the nearby town of Pizzo Calabro, it is possible to enjoy a "terrace overlooking the sea" that is just as picturesque, if not more welcoming since it is surrounded by the "good living room" of ice-cream parlours serving the renowned Pizzo Truffle.

Here opens La Balconata, alais U Spundùni, which from the privileged vantage point of the Murat Castle looks out over the Aeolian Islands at sunset, embellished a short distance away by the sculpture The Collector of Winds, by Edoardo Tresoldi.

Elisabetta Cirianni

5. Mount Sant'Elia (Tre Croci) in Palmi (RC)

We can only conclude this roundup of belvederes and panoramic views in Calabria by turning our gaze to the Strait of Messina and the mirages warped for us by the Fata Morgana.

Reaching the town of Palmi, in the province of Reggio Calabria along the renowned Costa Viola, we climb to the summit of Mount Sant'Elia, where the monument and viewpoint known as the "Three Crosses" stands. From up here, the view sweeps over the entire Calabrian and Sicilian coastline, in a truly breathtaking belvedere.

Belvedere Sant'Eiia - Tre Croci
Regione Calabria

Before returning, we visit the "Leonida Repaci" House of Culture and find out more about the Varia di Palmi, the monumental, UNESCO heritage-listed shoulder machine that hundreds of figures carry in procession on mid-August.


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