Church of Addolorata


Place of worship

It is primitive church because it built around the year one thousand to meet spiritual needs of families that gave rise to the founding of Fiumefreddo, after abandoning Roman colony in Contrada Cutura, destroyed by Saracen hordes. Later, on the left of the presbytery, was built the bell tower with two function taking advantage by vertical component: it propagated the sound of the bell, while, with its wide view of the sea, was an active presence in sounding the alarm in cases of danger. 

In the second half of 300, on the tower was placed a clock of mechanical type with metal beaters. In 1598 Church was established the pawnshop. In 1794, many devotees erected the lay congregation under the name of Our Lady of Sorrow and in 1800 it was provided to renovate the church. Stucco decoration reflects Neoclassical and Rococò style. Inside is original tiles of '400 and frescoes of '200.

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63P8+88, Fiumefreddo Bruzio
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