I Tri da' Cruci

In Tropea for I Tri da' Cruci, the festival commemorating the expulsion of the Saracens

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Historical re-enactments

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May 3, 2024




Historical re-enactments

Everyone in Tropea for the annual festival of I Tri dà Cruci ("The Three of the Cross"), the historical re-enactment that commemorates the historic expulsion of the Saracens every year on 3 May.

On this date, Tropea, among The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy in Calabria, celebrates the triumph of the Holy Cross over the Saracen pirates.

To what does the historical festival of I Tri dà Cruci refer? To the participation of no less than 1,200 Tropean citizens in the Battle of Lepanto (1571), where they covered themselves with honour, chasing away the invaders from the town and setting fire to their ships.

Hence the custom of setting fire to silhouettes of boats and a camel ("u camiùzzu di fòcu") through a fireworks display along the main street, all accompanied by the sound of drums.

Usually, the festival ends with a fine meal of IGP Red Onion of Tropea and a challenge to forkfuls of typical "pasta abbruscènti" (spicy).

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