Locri, the splendour of an ancient Greek colony


Jan 22, 2024 10:39 AM

The town of Locri is located on the slopes of Aspromonte in an intensely populated area of the province of Reggio Calabria. Its territory extends as far as the Jasmine Riviera (the Ionian coastal area named after its cultiva-tion of jasmine) which has been thriving since the 1920s.

The town is famous for its important archaeological area known as Epizeph-yrian Locris which is situated near the new town centre and is often de-scribed as the pillar of Calabrian archaeology.

The enchanting colony of Epizephyrian Locris was once at the centre of the restless political and artistic life of Magna Graecia. It outlived the entire Roman period.

Homeland of Zaleucus, the first legislator of the western world, and Nossis, a gentle and loving poetess, the city of Lokroi was one of the most important centres of the Calabrian Magna Graecia. It was a Greek colony founded at the end of the 8th century BC by Greek refugees who settled on the coast. The enchanting colony of Epizephyrian Locris was the centre of Magna Graecia’s restless political and artistic life and outlived the entire Roman period until the Arab raids and malaria led to its abandonment.

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