A journey to discover Greco di Bianco CDO wine

A trip to the vineyards of the prized Greco di Bianco CDO, the Greek wine of Calabria
vino Greco di Bianco DOC

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Are you a lover of good wine and wine tourism? Follow us on a sensory journey to discover the fine Greco di Bianco CDO, the Greek wine of Calabria produced between the sea of the Regional Marine Park "Costa dei Gelsomini" and the gullies of the Ionian coast in the province of Reggio Calabria.

An out-of-town excursion under the banner of wine tourism and "slow living", amidst tastings of Greco di Bianco CDO wine, typical dishes that bring to the table the uncontaminated beauty of the Lower Ionian Sea. A perfumed coastline that alternates the scents of good wine (including Palizzi TGI) with those of Calabrian bergamot.

Let's travel together along one of the most fascinating "Wine Routes" in Calabria and discover the main characteristics of Greco di Bianco CDO and the territory from which it comes.

The Greco di Bianco CDO wine

Greco di Bianco CDO is an excellent type of dessert wine, produced exclusively in the municipalities of Bianco and Casignana, both "Wine Cities".

What are the organoleptic characteristics of Greco di Bianco CDO wine?

Ideal to accompany typical Calabrian desserts, in particular those with a bergamot base, but also dry pastries, cheeses and fruit, this wine is made from grapes partially dried on mats exposed to the sun or in special forced-air drying rooms.

The grape variety of reference is Greco, which according to the CDO regulations must be present for a quota of no less than 95%. To the glass, Greco di Bianco CDO has a straw-yellow colour with amber reflections, an ethereal perfume and an intense flavour, tending towards the liquorish-marinated.

Connoisseurs claim that Greco di Bianco CDO is one of Italy's oldest wines, since it descends from vines planted in the area by the first Greek colonists who landed at Capo Bruzzano in the 8th century BC. In addition to Greco di Bianco CDO, the Bianco area also produces an excellent Mantonico, which seems to derive from the Greek word mantonikòs (prophet), referring to its particular divinatory, aphrodisiac and therapeutic properties.

Uva vino Greco di Bianco DOC
Mariolina Baccellieri

Among the places of Greco di Bianco CDO

After tasting a glass of Greco di Bianco CDO in the vineyard and in the area's wine shops, we move on to discover the towns and the splendid coastline. The Ionian area of Calabria stretches from Capo Zefirio to the gates of the city of Reggio Calabria, and finds its capital in the municipality of Bova, among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy (hence the name Bovesìa).

The capital of Greco di Bianco CDO is the town of Bianco, whose name evokes the lunar scenery of the Calanchi Bianchi on the Ionian coast of Capo Bruzzano, a geological site that should definitely be visited. 

Palizzi calanchi
Vincenzo Stranieri

After a tour of the vineyards and wine cellars of the main local producer, we head to the historic centre and the sacred sites of the Shrine of the Madonna di Pugliano (whose feast day is celebrated every year on 15 August), among the ruins of the former Convent of Santa Maria della Vittoria and the small churches in the hamlet of Pardesca.

In Bianco Vecchio, the ancient abandoned village, one can appreciate the ruins of the ancient houses perched on the hill, still tenaciously attached to the terraces on which they were built, and the silent ruins of the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso.

We then move on to the nearby municipality of Casignana, whose territory is partially linked to the production of Greco di Bianco CDO, to discover the historic centre on the hillside.

Here too, the churches are the main buildings to visit (the Mother Church and the Annunziata), appreciating the panoramic views over the sea.

Casignana Marina is home to an unmissable gem for archaeology lovers: the remains of the famous Roman Villa of Casignana, a particularly important site since it is one of the few in Calabria that still preserves the original 1st century A.D. layout and the thermal baths, embellished with splendid mosaic floors.

Villa Romana di Casignana
Regione Calabria


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