Sport e natura

Sport and nature

With the longest coastline in peninsular Italy and numerous green areas, Calabria is the only region with three National Parks (Pollino, Sila and Aspromonte), making it the perfect destination for some of the most popular sports of the moment, in addition to the classic excursions and guided or independent trekking

If you are a sportsman, you will be spoilt for choice for your active holiday in Calabria. You can start from the most adrenaline-pumping air sports with paragliding, launching from the highest cliffs, and fly in a hot-air balloon, for a romantic experience for couples or a fun ride with the family.

The mountains, with their numerous Protected Areas and Adventure Parks, await you in every season of the year: in winter, for skiing with a view of the sea; in summer, for all sorts of experiences in contact with nature, from climbing to mountain biking, from canoeing to rafting

Are you a quiet person? Enjoy the Mediterranean scrubland on horseback or by bicycle, along the Calabrian cycle routes, along one of the many paths or by watching wildlife and birdwatching.

To say Calabria is to say sea. Almost 800 km of coastline await you, with fine sand, coves, caves, cliffs, free beaches or equipped beaches where you can practice water sports, from diving to sailing, and even the world kitesurfing championships (held every year in Gizzeria, CZ).

Discover a land rich in history and beauty!

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